Couple and Homeless Man Said to Have Made Up Story Behind £312,000 GoFundMe Campaign

The strange case of a US couple who raised $400,000 (around £311,500) on GoFundMe for a homeless good Samaritan appears to be skidding into a surprise ending. Read More >>

Couple and Homeless Man Charged With Conspiracy Over £312,000 GoFundMe

On Thursday, the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office in the US state of New Jersey announced formal charges against the three people involved in a viral GoFundMe campaign that raised $400,000 (£312,000) last year to help a homeless man get on his feet. Authorities said that “the entire campaign was predicated on a lie.” Read More >>

The Quack Medicine Industry Is Getting Millions From Crowdfunding Sites

Another study has found that when well-meaning people donate to crowdfunding campaigns raising money for medical treatments, that cash sometimes ends up in the pockets of people offering useless or even dangerous therapies. Read More >>

Someone’s Invented a Handbag for Women Scared of Their Phones

Worried about radiation, but can't stop scrolling on Instagram? There's a bag for that. Read More >>

Candles That Light Themselves At the Push of a Button Are Perfect Overkill

A cheap, £10 barbecue lighter is an easy and safe way to light a candle. But if you demand maximised convenience for every aspect of your life, the Lumos Candle will automatically light its own wick for you, its creators say, with a simple push of a button. It’s technology for technology’s sake, and the best kind of overkill for the gadget-obsessed. Read More >>

Crowdfunding Sites Are Putting Money in the Pockets of Cancer Quacks, Report Finds

It’s become a heartbreakingly common sight on the internet: People using crowdfunding sites to raise money for their expensive health care, including cancer treatment. But a new report published Wednesday in the BMJ suggests that desperate people are often using this money to pursue dubious, possibly dangerous treatments from unscrupulous charlatans. Read More >>

Police Raid Home of Couple Who Raised £310,000 on GoFundMe for Homeless Man

On Thursday, authorities executed a search warrant at the home of a couple in the US state of New Jersey who raised $400,000 (£309,600) to help a homeless man last year. Read More >>

This Tiny Speaker Promises Better Sound When You Attach an Empty Bottle

The solution to few of life’s problems can be found at the bottom of a bottle, except, maybe, the poor sound quality from tiny wireless speakers. The creators of the portable Sodapop speaker promise that by simply attaching an empty plastic bottle, you can increase its loudness and bass by almost 10 decibels. Read More >>

Homeless Man Says He’s Still Waiting for £155,000 Raised on GoFundMe After Viral Act of Charity

In October 2017, Kate McClure ran out of petrol on a main road. Johnny Bobbitt, a homeless veteran, then suggested she get back in the car and lock the doors so she could be safe while he walked to the nearest petrol station to fill a can using his last $20. McClure was so overwhelmed with the act of kindness she started a GoFundMe campaign with the intention of raising $10,000 (£7,800) — enough money to buy Bobbitt a vehicle and give him first and last month’s rent for an apartment and enough money to live on for about half a year. Read More >>

Now There’s a Water Gun That Shoots Liquid Bullets and Refills Itself

Until the Super Soaker came along in 1990, water guns hadn’t changed much in over a century. But the Super Soaker was 28 years ago, and a group of German engineers and designers think it’s finally time for water guns to evolve again. They’ve created the self-filling Spyra One that fires quick bursts of water instead of a steady stream, which promises to improve accuracy and distance. Read More >>

A Single Cable Promises to Charge Your iOS and Android Devices

Back in 2014, we were duly impressed with the inCharge, which made it easy to keep a tiny emergency USB charging cable on your keyring. Four years later, its creators have found a way to improve the inCharge with a new version featuring a connector that works with both Lightning and microUSB ports so you don’t need to carry a separate cable for your non-Apple devices. Read More >>

3D Headphones Startup Shutters, Leaving Backers Empty-Handed and Distinctly Poorer

Ossic, the company developing the Ossic X over-ear headphones designed primarily for virtual reality headsets, has ceased production after failing to deliver pre-orders to crowdfunding backers and is shutting down “effective immediately.” While Ossic blames lack of demand for its niche product (in addition to manufacturing difficulties), the company sure did raise a lot of money with its headphone concept, and to say people are a bit annoyed they aren’t getting their fancy cans anytime soon is an understatement. Read More >>

Facebook Cuts Fundraising Fees for ‘Personal Causes’ Like Surgeries and School Supplies

Facebook is changing its tune when it comes to fees and fundraisers. The company announced in a blog post today that it will eliminate its “platform fees” for all personal fundraisers “in the coming weeks,” after charging users a 6.9 percent fee plus an additional $0.30 to run various types of personal crowdfunding campaigns on the platform, including for medical issues and other emergencies. Read More >>

Patreon to World: ‘We Messed Up’

Last week recurring donation platform Patreon announced a change to its payments structure from an intuitive, once-a-month setup to a convoluted one that may as well have relied on used car salesman maths. Creators and patrons alike made their displeasure known, loudly. Today the company’s CEO Jack Conte announced unequivocally that the changes won’t take place. Read More >>

Why Everyone Is Mad at Patreon Now

Over the past four years Patreon has grown to become the de facto funding model for independent creators online—a platform where supporters pledge small monthly recurring donations that better support an enduring career instead of the need Kickstarter or GoFundMe’s per-project setup fills. But an overhaul of its fee structure announced yesterday has creators furious and patrons leaving in droves. Read More >>