GoFundMe Is Shutting Down Campaigns to Spread Anti-Vaxxer Bullshit

The largest crowdfunding platform says it is banning campaigns raising money to promote falsehoods about vaccinations. Read More >>

Patreon is Changing Again – and Wants to Do it Right This Time

Yes, Patreon is making adjustments again – as some creators have suspected and feared. The recurring crowdfunding site agonised over a relatively small change in how it does business, and in doing so it’s setting an example few other platforms live up to. Read More >>

We Need to Talk About this Robo-Dog Companion That Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Helped Design

A company called Tombot thinks it’s come up with a way to improve the quality of life for seniors facing challenges when it comes to being social: a robotic companion dog that behaves and responds like a real pup, but without all the responsibilities of maintaining a living, breathing animal. The company even enlisted the talented folks at the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to help make the robo-dog look as lifelike as possible. It’s a noble effort, but it also raises lots of questions. Read More >>

Woman and Homeless Man Plead Guilty to Charges Related to Alleged £306,000 GoFundMe Scam

On Wednesday, the saga of the most infamous GoFundMe campaign in history came closer to a conclusion. A woman and a homeless man in the US whom prosecutors claim engaged in a fraudulent scheme that raised $400,000 (£306,000) on the crowdfunding site have pleaded guilty to federal charges. Read More >>

Kickstarter to Remove That Rat From the End of The Departed Whacked By DMCA Takedown

Kickstarter has exterminated a campaign to exterminate the infamous rat from the end of The Departed after Warner Bros. filed a DMCA copyright takedown request, the Verge reported on Monday. Read More >>

Facebook’s Patreon Clone Wants to Pocket Up to Six Times As Much of the Revenue As Patreon

Facebook is gunning for creator-subscription service Patreon’s business – but on much less generous terms. Read More >>

Someone Has Already Edited That Rat Out of The Departed

Just a day after its launch, a Kickstarter to painstakingly edit the infamous rat out of a 35mm cut of Martin Scorsese’s 2006 Oscar-winning crime drama The Departed exceeded its crowdfunding goal of $4,000 (£3,049). But if you’d like to see what this might look like prior to the debut of the 35mm revision, Twitter has delivered. Read More >>

GoFundMe Set Up for Fyre Festival Victim Raises Nearly £130,000 in Days

A pair of duelling Fyre Festival documentaries—one on the US-exclusive platform Hulu and one on Netflix—are giving viewers a better idea of how a festival-turned-shitshow managed to so badly botch its spectacular promise of being one of the greatest events the world had ever known. While countless people were burned by the scam, Maryann Rolle’s story was one that stayed with viewers. Now, a GoFundMe campaign trying to help right a wrong has raised more than $167,000 (£129,000). Read More >>

‘Goat Fund Me’ Campaign Wants to Raise Money for Firefighting Goats

In the US state of California, devastating wildfires are now simply a way of life for residents—and things will likely only get worse. Since the president’s solution for combating these climate change-fuelled disasters is to threaten to cut disaster relief funding for the state, local governments are taking matters into their own hands. The plan: Goat Fund Me. Read More >>

This Stick-On Robotic Arm Promises to Put the Damn Toilet Seat Down For You

I’m just going to come right out and say it: urinating while standing is a terrible idea. It creates a host of messes including splash back and disgusting drips, and inevitably the toilet seat gets left up, leading to someone accidentally plummeting into the porcelain abyss. But until we can all agree to just sit down, the SmartNūdge promises to solve at least one of those issues. Read More >>

Couple and Homeless Man Said to Have Made Up Story Behind £312,000 GoFundMe Campaign

The strange case of a US couple who raised $400,000 (around £311,500) on GoFundMe for a homeless good Samaritan appears to be skidding into a surprise ending. Read More >>

Couple and Homeless Man Charged With Conspiracy Over £312,000 GoFundMe

On Thursday, the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office in the US state of New Jersey announced formal charges against the three people involved in a viral GoFundMe campaign that raised $400,000 (£312,000) last year to help a homeless man get on his feet. Authorities said that “the entire campaign was predicated on a lie.” Read More >>

The Quack Medicine Industry Is Getting Millions From Crowdfunding Sites

Another study has found that when well-meaning people donate to crowdfunding campaigns raising money for medical treatments, that cash sometimes ends up in the pockets of people offering useless or even dangerous therapies. Read More >>

Someone’s Invented a Handbag for Women Scared of Their Phones

Worried about radiation, but can't stop scrolling on Instagram? There's a bag for that. Read More >>

Candles That Light Themselves At the Push of a Button Are Perfect Overkill

A cheap, £10 barbecue lighter is an easy and safe way to light a candle. But if you demand maximised convenience for every aspect of your life, the Lumos Candle will automatically light its own wick for you, its creators say, with a simple push of a button. It’s technology for technology’s sake, and the best kind of overkill for the gadget-obsessed. Read More >>