Crows Get Higher Cholesterol From Eating Our Cheeseburgers

City living is producing something new for you to worry about: high crow-lesterol (sorry, I’m sorry, I’m trying to delete it). Read More >>

French Theme Park Employs Trained Birds to Pick Up Cigarette Butts

A French theme park has begun using six trained birds belonging to the crow family to pick up litter and cigarette butts, the BBC reports. Read More >>

Raccoon Vs. Crow Is the Alien Vs. Predator of Trash Animals

Nature isn’t always pretty. Sometimes it’s just gnarly as hell. Read More >>

Crows Are Officially More Badass Than Ravens, Citizen Scientists Report

Crows and ravens are hard to tell apart, but basically, the common raven is bigger than the American and Northwestern crow. So, you might think that ravens would win in a fight. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Read More >>

Neat Experiment Suggests Crows Are Even Better Tool-Makers Than We Thought

New research shows that crows can recreate tools from memory, a capacity previously thought impossible for birds. Read More >>

You’re Not So Special — Even Crows Use Tools

Scientists observing wild crows have seen them do something amazing. Or at least something a bit clever for a bird. They've been spotted taking sticks and shaping them into tools to get worms out of bits of wood. The crows, not the scientists. The scientists probably brought a packed lunch. Read More >>

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A Crow Sledding Down a Roof Is Amazing Even if it Makes No Sense

The scientific community is dumbfounded by this video of a crow sledding down a snowy rooftop on the lid of a jar. JEEZ, BIRD. Don't you know that sledding is only for people? Read More >>