Cruise Ship Smashes Into One of the World’s Most Beautiful Coral Reefs

A popular diving site filled with spectacular coral reefs has been severely damaged in West Papua, New Guinea, after a British-owned cruise ship got caught in low tide and slammed into it. It could take years for the reefs, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, to bounce back, and local officials want the company to pay for the damage. Read More >>

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Watch a Cruise Ship Get Built 

Cruise ships are basically giant floating cities. How do you build a giant floating city? Well, it’s pretty much like playing with Lego. Read More >>

Curse of the Titanic Sees Memorial Cruise Forced to Turn Back After 130 Miles

It seems anything ship-related with a hint of Titanic about it is cursed, even in this modern age. A memorial cruise that set off from Southampton to recount the Titanic’s fateful journey was delayed by high winds, rough seas and now a passenger has been hit by a suspected heart attack and has had to be airlifted off the MS Balmoral. Watch out for icebergs folks. Read More >>