Carnival Cruises to Pay £32 Million Fine for Secretly Dumping Shit Water Since 2005

Cruises are like floating piles of shit and piss that you pay to ride for a week. But sometimes cruises need to release a bit of that shit and piss so that the ship doesn’t sink. Dumping of bilge water is tightly regulated when cruises are near populated areas. But Princess Cruises, owned by Carnival, just spent a decade illegally releasing that garbage into the ocean. Today, the Department of Justice announced that it reached a $40 million (£32m) settlement with the company over its illegal dumping and efforts to cover it up. Read More >>

The Next Obscenely Monstrous Cruise Ship Will Have an Entire Race Track On It

The arms race that is mega cruise ship design ticks one minute closer to midnight on the doomsday clock of obscenity as Norwegian Cruise Lines has revealed its next luxury ship will include the world’s first two-level floating race track. Read More >>

Stop Going on Cruises

Cruise ships are even worse than you think. ProPublica recently published a very alarming and downright dark interactive feature about health and safety on cruises. I’ll come right out and say it: stop going on cruises. Don’t cruise. Don’t do it. If you don't cruise, keep that up. Read More >>

These Mega-Cruise Ships Look Like Small Cities From the Air

The stacks and stacks of cabin windows make today's ocean liners look gargantuan enough from the shore. But the view from directly above gigantic cruise ships is even more startling. Read More >>

Cruise Ship Wi-Fi Just Got Ten Times Faster

If you've ever spent weeks at sea on a cruise, you'll know that using the internet is a bit like stepping back in time by a decade or more. But that's all changing. Read More >>

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Cruise Ship Cabins are Built on an Assembly Line Just Like Cars

Ever wonder how cruise ships are built? Well, Royal Caribbean just released a new video that sheds a little bit of light onto the process, specifically how the cabins are manufactured. It's surprisingly similar to how your car was built. Read More >>

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Cruise Ship Plays the Loudest Seven Nation Army You’ve Ever Heard

The 964-foot-long MSC Magnifica isn't just a luxurious, $550 million (£326 million) cruise ship. It's the world's first 4,500 passenger musical instrument, and it rocked a slow, loooouuud rendition of The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army at this weekend's 825th Hamburg Port Anniversary in Germany. Talk about rocking the boat. Read More >>

Royal Caribbean’s New Ship Hangs You 300 Feet Above the Deck in a Crane

We've already taken a look at the virtual balconies Royal Caribbean is introducing on one of its upcoming mega ships, but that's apparently just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to over-the-top cruise amenities. On its Quantum of the Seas, set to launch in 2015, holiday-goers will find an observation pod that hangs from a 300-foot crane over the ship. Read More >>

Bad Rooms on the New Royal Caribbean Ship Come With Virtual Balconies

Hey there, world traveller. Say you want to go on a cruise but can't afford a fancy oceanfront room on the Empress deck. No big deal! Royal Caribbean's got you covered. Read More >>

Hong Kong’s Old Airport Reborn As Hong Kong’s New Cruise Ship Terminal

The Kai Tak Airport, better known as Hong Kong International, dutifully served the island city for nearly three quarters of a century before shutting down in 1998. But rather than let that prime civic real estate fallow, the Hong Kong government has transformed it into a dazzling new cruise ship port. Read More >>