Millions of Migrating Baby Crabs Are an Absolutely Bonkers Sight to Behold

Each year, newborn crabs make the perilous trek from the sea shore to the forests of Christmas Island. This year was no exception, as new video taken of the migration makes abundantly clear. Read More >>

Thousands of Giant Spider Crabs Littered Across the Ocean Floor Looks Like Hell

Real life is worse than nightmares because even in my worst dreams, my twisted imagination could never cook up seeing hundreds of thousands of giant spider crabs littered across the ocean floor. Just imagine swimming in the ocean and being swallowed up by the horde. Imagine all those creepy arms entombing you. Gah, it’s horrible. Read More >>

New Study Suggests Crustaceans Actually Do Feel Pain—Delicious, Delicious Pain

A new study in the Journal of Experimental Biology revealed some equally terrible news for shellfish and Red Lobster enthusiasts alike: crabs experience pain. Read More >>