Pornhub Says Less Than 1% of Subscribers Pay With Cryptocurrency

Back in April Pornhub announced that it was going to start letting users pay for premium subscriptions using cryptocurrency, specifically the cryptocurrency Verge - not to be confused with the technology news site The Verge. In the months since it's expanded that option to allow people to pay with TRON and ZenCash, but none of the bigger cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so on. That probably explains why less than one per cent of all subscriptions are made using cryptocurrency. Read More >>

The Government’s Launching a ‘Crypto Taskforce’ to Safeguard Against the Dangers of Bitcoin

With all the attention Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been getting recently, it's really no surprise that the governments of the world are getting involved. Typically that's involved increased regulation to prevent the digital currencies being used for criminal activities, but the Treasury has just announced the formation of a "Cryptoassets Task Force". Read More >>

PayPal Wants to Solve the Problem of Bitcoin Payments by Cutting Down the Transaction Time

Some people would have you believe that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the future of money, decentralised currencies free from the interference of the government and mostly anonymous (if you want it to be). The problem is not a lot of people will take Bitcoin in exchange for goods and services, and to try and fix that PayPal has a new patent that it hopes will fix that by cutting down the transaction time. Read More >>

radio telescope
Bitcoin is Making it Harder for us to Stalk Aliens

With Bitcoin's price skyrocketing before Christmas, and other cryptocurrencies following suit, it seems like everyone and their mum is trying to get in on the market and get rich. That means a lot of people are buying up hardware to mine new coins for themselves, and apparently it's stopping us from being able to listen out for alien messages asking if we want to head to Alpha Centauri for pizza. Read More >>

Lloyds Bank Tries to Save Customers From Loading up on Credit Card Bitcoin

The operator of the Lloyds Banking Group has placed a restriction on its customers who plan on using a credit card to buy magical future currency bitcoin, possibly saving your dad from making a huge mistake. Read More >>