Coinbase Bug Allowed Users to Give Themselves Unlimited Ether

Coinbase, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, has apparently had a nasty bug lurking in its system that would allow users to collect unlimited ether through a few simple steps. Thanks to a bug report, however, the company avoided disaster. Read More >>

Twitter May Soon Be the Latest Tech Giant to Ban Many Cryptocurrency Ads

Those looking to run advertisements for cryptocurrencies and related products may soon have to steer clear of Twitter, which Sky News reported on Sunday is “preparing to prohibit a range of cryptocurrency advertisements amid looming regulatory intervention in the sector.” Read More >>

City In New York Becomes First to Ban New Bitcoin Mining

The people of Plattsburgh, New York have had enough. On Thursday night, the city council approved an 18-month moratorium on new cryptocurrency mining operations. The temporary ban will be used to figure out what to do with these ding dong miners using up all the electricity. Read More >>

John McAfee Is Back, This Time at a ‘Hackproof’ Crypto Security Firm

John McAfee, the creator of the security software that bears his name, has gotten pretty weird over the many years of his ongoing “lunacy binge.” Just a handful of the times McAfee’s name has popped up in the news in the past few years include allegations of rape, torture, and assassinations during his time as an expat in Belize, blatant lies to the media about his supposed encryption-breaking abilities, and an ill-advised and confusing run for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination. Read More >>

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Advertising, and Bitcoin Continues to Drop

More bad news rattled the cryptocurrency markets on Wednesday. Google has announced that it will no longer allow cryptocurrency-related ads on its platforms. Prices fell as the news spread and a message from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) pushing for a global regulatory crackdown isn’t helping anything. Read More >>

Monument to Bitcoin Erected in Centre of Slovenian Roundabout

Kranj, a self-described “picturesque old town in the center of Slovenian Alps,” unveiled a monument to Bitcoin this week. To many regulators around the world, cryptocurrency is increasingly viewed as a perplexing nuisance. Accordingly, the three-tonne monument resides in the centre of a three-road intersection. Read More >>

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Just Got an e-Money Licence in the UK

While a lot of the recent news surrounding regulators and cryptocurrencies has been pretty bleak, something good has popped up that's bound to please crypto fans across the UK and Europe. Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange known for its accessibility, has just been granted an e-money licence by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Read More >>

This Company Wants to Pay You Virtual Money to Watch Porn (and Hand Over Your Data)

A new cryptocurrency and porn platform is banking on you wanting to spank it in return for internet money. Read More >>

This Cryptocurrency Heater Earns Ethereum While Keeping Your House Warm

Keeping crypto mining rigs nice and cool is no joke. Heck, people will submerge the darn things in non-conductive fluids to keep the heat at bay. But what if you could use that heat to keep yourself warm during winter, while making a few bucks on the side? Say hello to the world's first crypto heater, the QC-1. Read More >>

Bitcoin Cash Has Its Own Rap Song Now, and We’re All the Poorer for It

The upstart virtual currency associated with Infowars guest Roger Ver now has an anthem, and it seems we have Canada to thank for it. After Japan’s foray into blockchain-inspired music with a cryptocurrency-themed pop idol group, it was only a matter of time Read More >>

Thieves Steal 600 Bitcoin Mining Rigs in Iceland

Every day seems to bring fresh news of a cryptocurrency exchange robbed by hackers. But thieves in Iceland have reportedly taken it up a notch, stealing around 600 computers that are used to mine bitcoin and its crypto-cousins. Read More >>

Bill Gates Thinks Cryptocurrency Is Killing People ‘In a Fairly Direct Way’

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, whose recent takes have included that Apple should just build a backdoor into the iPhone because the government might demand it anyway, is now warning that cryptocurrency is killing people. Read More >>

50 Cent No Longer Bragging About a Bitcoin Fortune Now That the US Government Is Interested

It’s been a month since 50 Cent was part of the best feel-good story of the cryptocurrency boom. Following reports that the hip-hop star had earned about $7.8 million (£5.5 million) worth of bitcoin from sales of an otherwise forgotten album, he seemed to confirm the news on Instagram. But when pressed in bankruptcy court, Fiddy acknowledged that wasn’t the case. Read More >>

Wow, Who Could Have Predicted 59 Per Cent of 2017’s ICOs Are Already Dead or Doomed

Hey, remember initial coin offerings, the almost totally unregulated form of investment vehicle in which investors trade real cash or assets in exchange for virtual “tokens” in cryptocurrency-backed startups? You know, that hot new crypto market that the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, warned everyone was rife with scams? Those very ICOs that the Securities and Exchange Commission told everyone to be very careful about because of the “greater opportunities for fraud and manipulation”? Read More >>

Suspected Crypto Ponzi Scheme Bitconnect Hit With Yet Another Lawsuit

Bitconnect is being sued yet again, according to a document filed today with the US District Court of Northern California. This lawsuit, to the best of our knowledge, is the sixth brought against the company since its abrupt closure in mid-January. Read More >>