Now the Crystal Maze is Coming Back, Here Are Five More Gameshows That Should be Rebooted for 2017

Tonight is the night Channel Four revives The Crystal Maze, after a 22 year hiatus, with Richard Ayoade stepping in as host. This got me thinking. I wasted a lot of time during my formative years watching endless TV game shows... what if we could bring some more back? Here are fiveI'd like to see revived. Read More >>

The Crystal Maze Joins TV’s Nostalgic Reboot List

It can't possibly be 21 years since The Crystal Maze stopped broadcasting, but that's what Wikipedia insists. Hence it's time it made a comeback, as loads of dads will be plonking kids in front of it and telling tales of when it used to be good and when TV used to be important. Read More >>

Crystal Maze Experience Smashes Crowdfunding Goal

With just under a month to go until the deadline, the re-imagined Crystal Maze as an interactive experience for nostalgic adults has hit its target of £500,000 on crowdfunding website IndieGogo. At the time of writing, the total is on just over £509,000. Read More >>

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Portal, Minecraft and Crystal Maze Are the Future of Absolutely Awesome Crazy Golf

Crazy golf is the sport of champions. Anyone can pay their five-quid and play, but it takes real skill (or oodles of luck) to master. What happens when you combine Portal, Minecraft, Crystal Maze and more with crazy golf? Pure, epic fun that’s what. Read More >>