Cuadrilla Wants Guidelines Softened So it Can Restart Fracking

Cuadrilla has come up with a genius method of reducing the problem of seismic activity triggered by its fracking operations: change the levels at which it has to stop and investigate tremors. Read More >>

Cuadrilla Live-Blogs Bank Holiday Fracking Earthquakes

The third fracking quake to hit Lancashire in the space of a week was the biggest one yet, so well done to everyone at Cuadrilla if that's what they're trying to achieve by pumping water into the ground to make the gas come out. Read More >>

Mini Quake Gives Lancashire Frackers the Day Off Again

The pumps of Cuadrilla that sit atop its Lancashire fracking testbed have been switched off again, thanks to the ground activity triggering the largest seismic event yet last night. Read More >>