Polaroid’s Action Camera Now Has a Shot Glass Adapter for Documenting Your Drinks

It can’t compete with GoPro’s offerings when it comes to image quality, but what the Polaroid Cube action cam can do one thing well. The tiny form factor makes it easier to stick wherever you need to capture your extreme activities — or a night of bar crawling with this new shot glass accessory. Read More >>

A Simple Little Cube Wants to Be the Remote Control For Your Smart Home

Smart home devices are seeping into our lives. But as the number of remotely adjustable aspects of home life grows, keeping track of all the apps that control everything could become a bit of headache. That's a fact which doesn’t really mix with the smart home philosophy of allowing you to be as lazy as possible. Read More >>

Google’s Cube Lets You DJ Six Videos at Once

Music videos are wonderful, but you can only watch one at a time. No longer—thanks to a weird, but rather fun, project from Google called The Cube, which lets you play and manipulate six at once. Read More >>

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NuForce Cube Speaker: Jack of Many Audio Trades, Master of None

Fitting quality audio components into slim laptops and tiny smartphones takes nothing short of a herculean effort, and as a result, is something often overlooked by hardware manufacturers. Realising this, NuForce has spent the last year developing a line of products meant to enhance the tech we use daily, geared towards the not-quite-an-audiophile consumer who still wants good audio at a reasonable price. Its latest entry is the NuForce Cube, a combination speaker/headphone amp/USB DAC wrapped up in a tiny package for an audio boost on the go. But is it worth the extra weight? Read More >>

What Is This?

Is this a power pack? Nah. A pico projector? Nope. Is it a cube? It claims to be, but it looks more like a rectangular prism to me. Will it really redefine an entire category? Looks aside, we're not so sure about that, but Logitech sure thinks it will.. So what is this thing? Read More >>