Glasgow Humoured With Some Sort of Cultural Award Thing

Some people at the European Commission have decided to do a bit of promotion on behalf of Glasgow off their own backs, and have named the city the UK's top cultural and creative centre, like even including London and York. And to be fair, it does have some statues and even a Christmas market nowadays. Read More >>

Easter Islanders Arrive in London With Massive Empty Suitcase

A lovely present brought home from Easter Island for Queen Victoria in 1868 is facing calls for it to be returned to where it was, er, liberated from, as pressure is growing on the British Museum to give back one of the more modestly proportioned Easter Island figures that it currently has on display. Read More >>

Faking My Westworld Fandom Was So Easy, I Almost Forgot I Was a Fraud

Reading The Ringer’s recent review of Hereditary’s Wikipedia page, I thought I’d found another opportunity to do my favourite thing. Everyone’s favourite thing. The activity that the internet seems to have been designed for: acting self-righteous. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Is Deluded If He Thinks AI Can Solve Facebook’s Hate Speech Problem

Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days, so naturally we want to throw it at all of our problems. Mark Zuckerberg’s recent comment that Facebook won’t have effective tools to filter hate speech for another “five to 10 years” seemed both dismissive and uninspiring. No doubt, it was classic Silicon Valley speak for “we haven’t got a clue,” but Zuck wasn’t being completely unreasonable. Read More >>

London Is Great And So Are Its Museums

So far 2017 has shown that London has an unbreakable spirit and is full of people who will do anything to help others. Even in its darkest hours there's overwhelming love in this city. And there's that bloke who wouldn't leave his pint behind in the wake of a terror attack (but with London prices you can hardly blame him). And it seems it's not just the people making London great, but also the culture. Read More >>

Ancient Humans Didn’t Eat Each Other For the Calories

Humans have been eating other humans since the beginning of time, but the motivations behind this macabre practice are complex and often unclear. Some anthropologists say prehistoric cannibals were just trying to grab a nutritious snack, but new research shows that human flesh—as tasty as it is—doesn’t pack the same caloric punch as wild animals. In other words, cannibalism wasn’t worth the trouble given alternatives. Read More >>

Hull Goes Arty With Non-Functioning Turbine Blade Installation

Hull is the UK City of Culture for the year 2017, somehow, and it's celebrating this national victory by installing a massive new piece of public art -- a wind turbine. Part of a wind turbine. One blade. But a very big one. Read More >>

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Why Are We So Damn Nostalgic These Days?

It’s not the fault of Hollywood, Netflix, or even the internet. Or, well, it’s not all their fault. We’re to blame for encouraging all these nostalgic re-releases and poorly re-hashed versions of things from our childhood, too. 8-Bit Philosophy delves into our need for nostalgia and cites philosopher Svetlana Boyn, who has said that nostalgia has historically coincided with revolution. Read More >>

How Instagram Convinces Us to Eat Terrible-Tasting Food

San Francisco is a city of long queues, and on a Saturday afternoon few queues are longer than the one in front of the Chocolate Chair in Japantown. The Chocolate Chair’s specialty is Dragon’s Breath, neon-coloured balls of puffed rice cereal soaked in liquid nitrogen. When you take a bite, the nitrogen-infusion fills your mouth with a dense, smoke-like gas. Breathe the gas out through your nose or mouth, and voilà, man becomes dragon. Read More >>

On Wikipedia, Pokémon Go Is a Bigger Deal Than the Bible

My kids aren’t playing Pokémon Go yet, but the older one had heard enough about it that he started reading up about it. When I looked at the screen after he’d been on the computer, I encountered this incredible wall of text: Read More >>

This Guy Keeps Getting Killed in Terrorist Attacks

If this face seems familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen it associated with any number of recent terror incidents. This man has apparently died at least three times since January, most recently in the terrorist attack at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. So what is happening here? A France24 investigation provides the answer. Read More >>

What Makes a Movie Great?

It’s a big sweeping question that can’t possibly have an answer. Is it the story? Is it the characters? Is it the cinematography? Read More >>

The Weird, Sketchy History of Internet Cafes

Internet cafes started out as coffee shops where you could check email. But over the years, people turned them into dens for sharing pirated music, hotspots for video game addiction, and even temporary housing. Read More >>