It’s Back Down the Coal Mines For Us in Post-Brexit Britain

Hooray! We will all have jobs in the future, although there won't be much of an opportunity to check our mobile phones at the desk, as the new jobs lined up for part of Cumbria involve digging coal out of the ground. Read More >>

RAF Air Drops Radiators on Snowbound Cumbrian Villages

Bloody hell, there's like a proper crisis going on in Cumbria, and for once it's more serious than parking issues and tourists not knowing how to reverse -- it's a life or death snow apocalypse. Read More >>

UK Vaguely Wobbled by Mild Earthquake Horror as Weak Tremor Jingles Tea Cups in Cumbria

The small talk in Cumbria today is going to be about something other than the weather, believe it or not. The lucky residents get to remark upon the happening on an earthquake for once, after a 3.2 magnitude tremor hit the county. Read More >>

EE’s Firing 4G Into the Cumbrian Wilderness

EE's extending its 4G rollout into the Cumbrian countryside meaning those without fibre, or even 'high speed' broadband for that matter, could just hook onto the wireless waves of LTE instead, with average speeds around 8-12Mbps and peaks of 20Mbps. Has rural high-speed internet finally arrived? Read More >>