Costa’s New Reusable Cup Can Pay for its Contents

Reusable cups are all the rage these days, because we realised that it's quite difficult to deal with those paper things coffee shops normally hand out. Also we like saving money, and we've started having to pay more for not being environmentally conscious. Well the whole process is starting to get more convenient, because Costa and Barclaycard have developed a contactless cup that can pay for its own contents. Read More >>

John Lewis Tests a Complicated Subscription Cup-Washing Service

This is such a weird and complicated modern thing that we've had to pause the music so we can concentrate on it properly, but, we think, the gist of it is that John Lewis staff will soon be able to use a service that lets them collect freshly washed reusable coffee cups. Oh no, we've made a terrible mistake in thinking this sounded interesting. Read More >>

Costa Promises Recycling Revolution, Will Actually Recycle All the Coffee Cups it Sells

Coffee cups are bad apparently, mainly because they're made with a mix of paper and plastic that's quite hard to recycle - meaning a lot of them aren't. To the point that government ministers have considered charging a 25p "latté-levy" for anyone who doesn't turn up to their local coffee-emporium with a reusable cup. Coffee chains seem to have taken this problem to heart, with Costa now declaring it will spearhead a "cup recycling revolution". Read More >>

Waitrose Shoppers Will Soon Have to Bring a Cup if They Want Free Hot Drinks

Supermarket chain Waitrose is about to make a token gesture regarding the environment, announcing a plan to eradicate all single-use disposable cups from its hot drinks bank by the end of the year. Read More >>

Blue Planet II Fuels Reusable Coffee Cup Guilt-Buying Spree

Frontline consumer bellwether Argos claims to have spotted a hot new trend emerging from the chaos of Christmas 2017, with sales of one particularly bearably designed disposable coffee cup rocketing by 537 per cent over recent weeks. Read More >>

Happy Inconsequential Marketing Day! #RedCups #Banter #Engagement

Now that everyone's changed their names back to normal from the hilarious* Halloween alternatives, there's a new thing everyone's talking about on the internet today -- cups. Red cups. Starbucks cups. People are pretending to be excited about an advert, basically, and that's the depressing online future we all face. Read More >>

Messiah Jeremy Corbyn’s Used Coffee Cup Sells for £51

Jeremy Corbyn -- possible political saviour and hero of many left-wing social media echo chambers -- has moved up into the higher echelons of the celebrity world since storming the race to become the next leader of the Labour party, with things the Special One has touched now offered for sale as mementos of His time among us. Read More >>

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A Clever Cup Trick That Will Make You Want to Play Dress-Up Again

I've never been too keen on playing dress-up but this clever cup trick made me change my mind. It's very easy to make, works like a charm, and you can create your own characters—which is what makes it exciting. You just need a few transparent plastic cups, a permanent marker, and some basic drawing skills. Read More >>

KFC Fuelling Our Obesity Crisis With Cups You Can EAT

Chicken chain KFC is set to bring edible cups to the UK, just in case you can't cram enough calories and sugar into your meal by eating all the chips, meat, batter and puddings you can waddle back to your table with. Read More >>

Suckle Champagne From Kate Moss’s Boob in a Posh London Restaurant’s Coupe

Mayfair restaurant 34 has acquired the licence to create glassware in the shape of one of Kate Moss's boobs, resulting in the Kate Moss-shaped champagne coupe. And apparently it's her left one. Her career's gone tits cup. Read More >>

Police Capture Salad Bowl in Bizarre ‘Holy Grail’ Pub Raid

Police hunting for the stolen Nanteos Cup, an ancient water bowl with supposed healing properties, raided a pub in Herefordshire in an attempt to find it. But could only come up with a salad bowl that vaguely resembled the artefact. Read More >>

We Tried the Disposable Coffee Lid of the Future

For all our crippling caffeine addictions, the disposable coffee cup is a highly imperfect art at best. Seattle-based company Vaporpath wants to change that with a total coffee cup lid overhaul. But is the fancy new redesign Read More >>

Vessyl: A Cup That Uses Molecular Sensors to Track Everything You Drink

Ever wished you could keep track of what you're consuming without keeping a detailed list? Meet Vessyl, a cup that can calculate detailed information about what your drinking—and sync that information with your fitness tracker and peripheral apps. The quantified self has officially made its way into our tableware. Read More >>

Someone Finally Designed a Better Disposable Coffee Cup Lid

Given how much money the average American spends on coffee, why wouldn't you want the best drinking experience possible? Even if it's from a disposable cup? That's what inspired a Seattle-based company called Vaporpath to finally redesign the disposable plastic lid and address many of the shortcomings of what we're forced to use now. Read More >>

Sebastian Vettel’s Multi-Storey Mantelpiece is HEAVING With Trophies

When you've won as much as Sebastian Vettel has, you start to run out of space for your little cups and trophies. Hence the massive, multi-storey case he uses to store and rather conspicuously display the silverware earned during his incredibly successful racing career. Read More >>