Watch These Excellent Match Cuts Used in Movies

A match cut is a technique filmmakers use to link two different scenes together by cutting from one shot to another in a way that’s almost visually seamless - because the shots look so much alike. It can cut on character or cut on action, it could be used metaphorically like the bone matching the orbiting satellite in 2001: A Space Odyssey or it could be used to go to back in time like in Forrest Gump. Read More >>

Self-Harm Your Way to a Better Future With Burning Knife Surgery

Superstitious Japanese folk have come up with a novel way of guaranteeing themselves a more fortunate future, by cutting more favourable life lines into the palms of their hands with hot knives. Read More >>

4,500 Jobs Lost at Philips, After Profit Collapse

Things are looking bleak for Philips, which is, or perhaps was, Europe's largest consumer electronics maker. Citing rising costs, internal restructuring pain and an 85 per cent profit collapse in Q3, it's just announced plans to cut 4,500 staff. [Guardian] Read More >>

BBC HD channels
BBC HD to Get the Axe While BBC Two Goes HD

BBC HD is to get the axe to be replaced by a BBC Two HD simulcast channel joining its BBC One HD offering. Sounds like those BBC cuts are having a deeper impact than first thought. [BBC] Read More >>

BBC cuts jobs
Anyone Need a Broadcaster? 2,000 More Jobs Go at the BBC

The BBC is cutting yet more jobs, with another 2,000 poor souls back on the dole, some 11% of the Beeb's workforce, following 900 redundancies in February. No cut in services this time -- BBC2 and BBC4 are safe, for now. [FT via TNW] Read More >>