The Era of Chaos-Inducing Ransomware Is Here and It’s Scary as Hell

The ‘90s cyberpunk thriller Hackers is used too often to illustrate the fearful future of cyber security, but it’s popular for a reason. The film’s seemingly fictional scenarios keep coming true. Take this week’s global ransomware attack, for instance. It’s a plot twist that would make Matthew Lillard leer at the camera and cackle. Read More >>

What Can We Do About Donald Trump’s Unsecured Smartphone?

As recently as yesterday, President Trump sent a tweet using his old, unsecured Android phone. This happened just three days after Congressman Ted Lieu and 14 other House Democrats sent a letter to the Oversight Committee demanding an investigation into this blatantly bad security practice. Everybody agrees that it’s really, really stupid. Read More >>

Russia Arrests Top Kaspersky Hacking Investigator for Treason

Under mysterious circumstances, Russia has arrested Ruslan Stoyanov, head of computer incidents investigations unit at the huge cybersecurity firm at Kaspersky. He’s been charged with treason. Read More >>

Security Company Uses Tasteless Hurricane Matthew Pitch to Sell Software

FireEye is a huge security company with high profile clients like Sony Pictures. But the company’s success hasn’t stopped it from doing silly things to grab attention. For instance, sending out a sales pitch that likens the deadly Hurricane Matthew with a cyber attack is a dumb thing to do. Read More >>

The White House’s New Cyber Chief Has Great Taste in Art 

The White House has named Gregory Touhill to a new role designed to lead the charge against cyber-threats. Touhill will be the first-ever Chief Information Security Officer, the Obama Administration announced, and will lead a team “who have been at the forefront of driving policy and implementation of leading cyber practices across federal agencies”. Read More >>

The Personal Information of 55 Million Filipino Voters Might Have Been Compromised in Cyberattack

At the end of March, hackers broke into the database for the Philippine Commission on Elections in what InfoSecurity Magazine is calling “what could rank as the worst ever government data breach anywhere”. Read More >>

Forget Fingerprints, Brain Scans Could Be the New Passwords

A new system will set aside fingerprints and facial recognition, and start doing brain scans as positive identification. Using brain imaging and a series of words and images, it will scan your mind to figure out if you’re really you. Read More >>

This Map Shows Power Outages Caused by Cyber-Terrorist Squirrels  

There’s a dark and mysterious force out there that’s intent on attacking countries' power lines, and this map shows exactly where the culprits strike. The culprits are, of course... squirrels. Read More >>

British ‘Elite Cyber Offensive Force’ to Fight IS on the Digital Beaches

Yesterday, Anonymous declared digital war on ISIS. Now, Britain seems to be joining the fight, with an elite cyber offensive force that plans to strike Islamic State (IS) fighters. Read More >>

Yahoo Kills Passwords With Simple Phone Sign-ins

Yahoo just laid another brick in the road to its password-less future: on a blog post, the company showed off its new mail app and another way for users to enter their accounts without needing to remember a password. Read More >>

Recreating the Plot of Hackers Using My Fading Memories

Hackers, a 1995 movie starring Angelina Jolie’s haircut, hit cinemas exactly two decades ago. Its themes have never been more relevant or concerning to our connected society. Can you remember them? I almost can. Read More >>

Edward Snowden Should Talk About Cyberwar More Often

We're all fairly used to hearing Edward Snowden talk about NSA and GCHQ surveillance by now. We get it: the US and UK governments are ever-watching and there's basically nothing we can do about it. But US telly station PBS just published the transcript of an interview with Snowden that doesn't really talk about surveillance much at all. Instead, it's all about cyberwar – and it's fascinating. Read More >>