We Had a Little Cyber-War With ISIS

Some computer men in a room in Cheltenham enjoyed the thrill of going to war recently, but without the menace of death, capture, shellshock, amputations, exposure to male banter and all that misery. They did it all on computers. Like Quake III. Read More >>

Anti-Hacking Lessons are Coming to the School Curriculum

The government is hoping that the youth of the nation might one day end up doing more with technology than holding YouTube in front of their pale, expressionless faces for 16 hours a day, and is putting £20m into a new tech programme to educate kids in the ways of cyber security in the belief that we might end up with some talented future keyboard warriors. Read More >>

GCHQ Cyber Accelerator Funds Seven Anti-Hacking Startups

Seven startups focusing on issues to do with things that start with the word "cyber" are now funded by our intelligence service and government, with the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator scheme open for business. Read More >>

Obama May Unleash Cyberwar On Russia After Election: Report

On Sunday, the New York Times published a seemingly routine report about Obama’s cyber offensive strategy. Hiding halfway down the page, however, there are some fascinating details about the decision-making process behind a potential US cyber retaliation against Russia. Read More >>

NK’s Military Hackers “Could Kill” by Remote Attack

A North Korean defector has made some terrifying claims about the regime's hacking prowess, saying it has the ability to remotely attack the infrastructure of us evil Westerners to such an extent that the resulting collapse in our delicate society could lead to mass deaths. Read More >>

Police Getting App Lessons to Help Battle Online Bullying Complaints

Some poor 53-year-old cop is currently being shown how Snapchat works by someone half his age, as part of an effort to train up our police to better cope with the online harassment that now takes up so much of their time. Read More >>

GCHQ Approves Master’s Degrees in Cyber Security

You could, if you fancy it, become an official expert in defending the nation's systems and businesses from cyber attacks, thanks to a series of six Master’s degrees announced by the government and GCHQ this week. Read More >>

Local Vigilantes Caused More Hassle During the Olympics Than Terrorists, Says Lord Coe

UK-based antagonist groups like Fathers4Justice triggered more worry for Olympic organisers during London 2012 than the nebulous global terror and cyber-warrior threat, according to games boss Lord Coe. Perhaps those tower block missile units put off the real bad boys? Read More >>

UK’s Cyber-War Defences to Include “Territorial Army for Computer Geniuses”

The Ministry of Defence is looking to recruit a casual army of computer nerds, which will work alongside the new Joint Cyber Reserve Unit to defend our firewalls. Sort of a Dad's Army of part-time hackers able to protect our systems and attack those of aggressors. Read More >>

North Korean Troll Army Paid to Slag Off the South

While trolling is only something of a hobby for us here in the Western world, people in North Korea are able to make a career out of it, thanks to the communist government hiring people specifically to attack its South Korean neighbours online. Read More >>

Bank of England Coming Under (Simulated) Cyber Attack

The Bank of England, the Financial Services Authority and the Treasury have been playing war games this week, launching simulated cyber-attacks on banking systems to... see what would happen. Read More >>

Europe and US Carry Out Joint Cyber Attack “Stress Test”

A bunch of cyber security experts from the EU and the US have been messing about with some pretend cyber attack scenarios, making plans for what would happen in the event of a proper, damaging electronic attack. Read More >>

Government, Defence and Tech Firms Targeted by “Disturbing” Number of Cyber Attacks

Iain Lobban, director of the UK's secretive GCHQ communications monitoring body, claims UK business and government agencies are constantly under cyber attack, with criminals trying to steal government data, company data, defence data and... all data. Read More >>

UK Government “Ramping Up Cyber Defences” to Stem Digital Attacks

Foreign Secretary William Hague has spoken out on the digital threats facing the UK, claiming the government is "trying to prevent an arms race in cyber space" by upping its spending on preventing digital attacks. Read More >>