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Labour Party Hit With ‘Sophisticated and Large Scale’ Cyber Attack During Election Campaign

The Labour Party announced on Tuesday that it’s been hit with a “sophisticated and large scale” cyber attack on its digital platforms but suggested that all of its data was secure. Read More >>

Wikipedia Goes Dark Across Europe, Middle East After DDOS Attack

Wikipedia went offline Friday afternoon and into Saturday morning after a cyber attack forced an international shutdown. The outage affected millions of users across Europe and in parts of the Middle East. Read More >>

Simulated Attacks Reveal How Easily Corporate Networks Fall Prey to Hackers

Over the past 10 months, software firm Rapid7 has conducted hundreds of penetration tests: simulated cyberattacks that test how a network holds up against actual threats. The results were compiled in a study called “Under the Hoodie 2018,” which not only perpetuates the stereotype of darkly cowled hackers but makes for some pretty interesting reading. Read More >>

Scientists Discover Hottest, Most Improbable Way to Steal Your Passwords

Scientists have discovered a new way to capture people’s passwords, though the circumstances needed for the attack to work make the odds of it being ever used in real life fall somewhere between “astronomical” and “no freaking chance.” Read More >>

We Need An International Cyberwar Treaty. Now.

Ukraine is under attack. In the last 24 hours the national bank, the state-owned power company and the country’s largest airport have all been taken out. Read More >>

iOS 10.3 Won’t Robocall Emergency Services Anymore

Apple released iOS 10.3 this week, and in addition to a new file system and a built-in “Find My AirPods” app, the new update also fixes a very important bug that could allow arseholes to robocall 911. Read More >>

An Ageing Cold War Policy May Make it Easier to Hack Nuclear Warheads 

Floppy disks. Cheating schemes. Drunken bar antics. The security of America’s nuclear arms is... less than perfect. And now, more critics are questioning the outdated policies that regulate them. Read More >>

The Number of People Who Fall for Phishing Emails is Staggering

It’s tempting to view security breaches as the products of mastermind hackers, but a massive report released today reveals the sad reality. Most of the time, breaches are the result of people falling for plain old trick emails. Read More >>

Obama: If You Cyberattack the US, We’ll Sanction You 

President Obama has a message for foreign hackers: You’re grounded. The US president declared a national emergency and signed an executive order today allowing targeted sanctions on anyone who is deemed a cyberthreat to the United States. Read More >>

Global Risks 2015: IoT Hacking Becomes a Bigger Threat

You know that character in most horror films — he's usually some grumpy old guy or some crazed social outcast — who warns unsuspecting (usually) teenage victims of their impending death? The World Economic Forum's Global Risks report is kind of like that bloke, completely filled with doom and gloom but offering damn good advice on how to stay alive. Read More >>

Cyberattack Causes Real-Life Chaos at a German Steel Mill

At this point, it's obvious that cyberattacks can have devastating, far-reaching consequences. Look at the fallout from the Sony hack. But it's still a rarity for digital aggression campaigns to cause direct physical damage, which is why a recent cyberattack that screwed with a blast furnace at a German steel mill is so disturbing. Read More >>

Why Cybersecurity Threats are About to Get Much, Much Worse

Let me state the obvious just to get it out of the way: cybersecurity sucks and everybody knows it. And, worst of all, the hackers know it, too. That's why I'm so alarmed by a new Pew Internet survey that says The US'll likely get hit with a deadly cyberattack by 2025. Read More >>

Hospital Hacks are Skyrocketing Because Hospitals are Super Easy to Hack

According to a fresh report from cybersecurity experts, hospitals are hackers' new favourite playground. That's unsettling news for anyone who's ever visited a hospital (read: everyone) but it also offers a curious window into how we guard our most important data. Put bluntly, we do a pretty piss poor job of it. Read More >>