Hot Wheels Made a Mini Tesla Cybertruck Complete With Broken Window Stickers

If you thought stepping on a Lego Brick was painful, Mattel is about to up the ante with the introduction of Hot Wheels versions of Tesla’s angular, brutalist Cybertruck. Out of the box they arrive in pristine condition, but a set of included decals lets you customise at least one of the vehicles with shattered, ‘shatter-proof’ windows. Read More >>

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Perfect Visual Effects Replace an Ugly Car With an Even Uglier Tesla Cybertruck in Back to the Future

Rich white dudes have a storied history of making aesthetically-challenged vehicles that look like jigsaw puzzles of stainless steel panels as demonstrated by a Toronto-based visual effects studio who seamlessly replaced the time-travelling DeLorean in Back to the Future with a 3D replica of Musk’s Cybertruck. Read More >>

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This Cybertruck Knock-Off Can Be Yours For Just £8,300

You can’t buy Tesla’s electric Cybertruck yet, but you can get a vehicle that looks pretty close. All you need is 666,666 rubles (£8,300) and a laidback attitude. Why a laidback attitude? The fake Tesla-branded hubcaps are probably going to fall off, judging by a new video of the thing tearing through a parking lot outside Moscow. Read More >>

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Elon Musk Hits Traffic Pylon With New Cybertruck

Billionaire tech icon Elon Musk turned a lot of heads in the US city of Malibu, California on Saturday night when he showed up to a swanky restaurant in his new Tesla Cybertruck. But Musk’s night on the town included at least one embarrassing hiccup. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX hit a traffic pylon with his shiny new vehicle that some Twitter users joked was roughly the height of a small child. Read More >>

Cybertruck is a Police Car Now

The Cybertruck had a good run. Since Elon Musk introduced Tesla’s dystopian play-tank last week, the vehicle has likely garnered more publicity than virtually any car announced in the last decade – and even the trove of critics dunking on the Minecraftian block-wagon seem at least a little bit intrigued by what it will look like on roadways. Read More >>

Is This Tesla’s Best Electric Carb?

More people seem to like Tesla’s divisive Cybertruck design when it’s a pile of mashed potatoes instead of some low-poly, PlayStation 2 game asset brought to life. Read More >>

This is the Dumb Automotive Rivalry That We Deserve

Le Mans '66 dramatises the story of an engineer team’s quest to build a Ford car that can beat Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race so the American company can boost lagging car sales. The film, released earlier this month, has raised eyebrows and pumped fists alike, with reviews deeming it both a“climate change horror film” and “a celebration of three of the most important energy sources in the world: capitalism, gasoline and testosterone.” Read More >>

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Will Elon Musk’s Cybertruck Arrive Before the Flying Car?

Building the future is hard. And nowhere was that more evident than at Tesla’s grand unveiling of the Cybertruck in Los Angeles last night. But if anyone can do it, Elon Musk can, right? Right? Read More >>

Tesla Brags About Cybertruck’s Tough Windows, Metal Ball Immediately Wrecks Them

Earlier today Tesla finally unveiled its long awaited futuristic pickup, the Cybertruck. Read More >>