This Guy is Practically a Cyborg With His 3D Tattoo

Don't be fooled: This is not Tony Stark's latest bionic arm. It's an incredibly detailed tattoo, one whose proud owner looks like he just stepped out of Neuromancer. Read More >>

Musician Builds a Robotic Instrument That Reads the Tattoo on His Arm

Moscow-based artist Dmitry Morozov aka "vtol" has built a robotic system to read a tattoo on his arm like a musical score. The sounds this thing makes are pretty gnarly. Read More >>

Skywalker Hand
Luke Skywalker’s Bionic Hand Takes Another Step Closer to Reality

We've seen robotic hands controlled by brainwaves before, but not one that lets you actually sense what it's gripping too. For the first time ever, surgeons are going to attempt to hook a bionic hand directly into a man's nervous system so he can actually feel the hand's skin sensors. Luke Skywalker eat your heart out. Read More >>

watch this
3D-Printed Arms Turn Little Girl Into the Cutest Cyborg Ever

And taking the Gold for most adorable user of an exoskeleton is two-year-old Emma, who was born with a rare disease known as arthrogryposis, which makes it impossible for her to raise her arms without any external assistance. Thanks to 3D printing, though, she can now slip on her "magic arms" to crush people lift blocks and play to her heart's content, whilst melting the hearts of everyone else. Bless. Read More >>

Colourblind Artist Surgically Implants an Eyeborg to See Through Sound

Colourblind artist Neil Harbisson has used a head-mounted sensor to convert colours to sound for a few years, but now he's persuaded a surgical team to take his 'eyeborg' one step further. Read More >>

Scientists Create Breakthrough Remote Control Cyborg Moths That You Can Actually Fly Around

Those crazy scientists over at MIT have managed to install “neural probes” in a moth the size of a fist that lets them actually control it during flight. It’s all part of DARPA’s mad scheme to turn insects into the next generation of spy drones. Read More >>

Cyberdyne Shows Off HAL With Powered Arms Reaching to Crush Your Puny Human Skull

This is it, the beginning, the Rise of the Machines is inevitable, Cyberdyne (and Intel!) are showing off their HAL robot walker at CEATEC in Japan, which we've seen before, but now they've added powered arms! Read More >>