London Council to Deploy Emergency Buckets of Flowers to Slow Drivers

Here's a tentative addition to the positive Covid-19 developments list we're all imagining in our heads, as one London council is planning to temporarily obstruct certain "rat run" roads to better protect pedestrians and cyclists from drivers emboldened into speeding by the empty locked-down roads. Read More >>

Box Hill Closes to Cyclists Looking for an Easter Weekend Smash

The popular Surrey cycling hotspot of Box Hill is to be closed to all but essential traffic this weekend, as the National Trust attempts to head off potential negative imagery of cyclists getting a little too close while huffing and puffing up the iconic climb while pretending it's still the summer of 2012. Read More >>

London Tests Alleged AI for Counting Cyclists

Transport for London is seriously glorifying its latest batch of sensors, claiming that the installation of 43 Vivacity traffic monitors somehow makes London a smart city in which AI dominates the decision-making process. Read More >>

Lego Criticised for Failing to Protect Pretend Cyclists

A man's having another go at raising support for his Lego Idea, after two failed attempts at getting the toymaker to redesign its road pieces to include cycles lanes. Preferably segregated, but anything would be better than nothing. Read More >>

Halfords Adds Heated Handlebars to Bike Range for Luxurious Winter Rolling

Halfords has released a special edition of its popular Carrera Subway hybrid bike range today, with the winter-themed model introducing heated handlebars to the product mix so you may arrive with hands in a suitable state to operate a locking mechanism or undo the zip on your waterproofs without having to wee on your fingers like Bear Grylls. Read More >>

How Geeky Mechanics Use Motion Capture to Design Perfect-Fitting Bikes

We ride bikes not just because they’re fun, but because they’re efficient. They enable us to use our body power to propel us forward far faster than our pathetic, floppy feet ever could. Efficiency, though, is only as good as the fit. Read More >>

Cycle Paths in the Peak District Are Being Booby Trapped Because People Are Dicks

Some absolute lunatics are laying booby traps on bike trails in the Peak District and near Yorkshire villages, begging the question as to why they're putting so much effort into being arse holes. Read More >>

The Government Shouldn’t Be Making Private Car Use Easier, Needs to Big up Bikes, Says Commissioners

Cycling and walking commissioners are demanding that the government stop focusing so much on cars when it comes to transport planning, and invest in alternatives that “account for the true cost of car use to society”. Read More >>

Revealed: The Hidden Geography of London’s Cycle Hire Scheme

London’s Cycle Hire bikes are one of the best things to happen to London in the 21st century. Since launching in July 2010, they have transformed mobility for millions of people: no more squeezing onto crowded buses or descending into the depths of the tube – you can breeze through central London, and arrive at work with a sense of joy rather than with your spirit crushed. Read More >>

We’re Still Cycling But Inside Where it’s Safer Now

A survey conducted by Sport England has some good and bad news for the health of the nation, revealing that overall some of us are doing at least the bare minimum of exercise in the neverending war on physical atrophy – but interest in taking up cycling appears to have peaked. Read More >>

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Turns Out Driverless Cars Can’t Coexist With Cyclists

The Dutch government has run into a major problem with its plans for driverless cars: they can't seem to get along with bikes. And there are quite a few bikes in the Netherlands. Read More >>

Companies Are Still Launching New Dockless Bikes In London, FFS

They've failed over and over again, but some companies are still doggedly trying to make dockless bikes happen against all the odds. Read More >>

Humans Do Stuff When Cars Are Kicked Out of High Streets

Transport for London has conducted some research that shows everything Transport for London has been doing recently was a great idea, which is quite fortunate for everyone concerned at Transport for London. Read More >>

South London School is Handing Out Number Plates to Curb Bad Cycling

We've all got tales about bad cyclists zooming around the road with no care for the people around them or local traffic laws. If you're like me many of your experiences will involve both unruly children and the odd food delivery person, and one South London school is trying to tackle the former by handing out number plates to children. Read More >>

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Shattering the Bike Land Speed Record at 183.9MPH Looks Weirdly Chill

On Sunday, the Bonneville Salt Flats in the US state of Utah were witness to yet another land speed record being shattered. Extreme cyclist Denise Mueller-Korenek hopped on her two-wheeled ride, and with the assistance of a streamlined pace vehicle, hit an average speed of 183.932 miles per hour over a distance of three-and-a-half miles. Read More >>