Cyclist Smugness Levels Set to Rocket

People who cycle to work are going to look even more pleased with themselves as they clonk up the stairs in their special shoes tomorrow morning, as analysis of health data covering 250,000 people suggests that commuting via bike nearly halves the risk of heart disease and cancer. Read More >>

UK Entrepreneur Crowdfunds Safety Handlebars After Almost Knocking Down Cyclist

Bike safety is something everyone gets pretty worked up about, from the cyclists risking their lives on terrifying London junctions to the drivers who have flashbacks of nearly hitting one. Read More >>

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The Best Gifts for Your Cycle-Riding Friends

"Cycling?", you scoff as you sit in the driving seat of your new, petrol-guzzling 4x4. "To hell with that!" You're driving to work, shaking your fist angrily at all those damn cyclists hogging the roads, dodging road taxes, and whatnot. But upon reaching the office, you realise the company bike rack outside is actually full, and reception is filled with sweaty lycra-clad sporty types who all insist on cycling to work. Read More >>

London Finds £770m to Spend on Becoming More Bike Friendly

London's mayor Sadiq Khan is going all-out to continue the capital's transformation into a bike-friendly commuter heaven for carbon-front-forked racers, with a staggering £770m put aside to speed the city's move to bicycles over the next five years. Read More >>

Somebody Make This Playmobil Hair Bike Helmet Real

People that dwell online have suddenly become aware of this design for a Playmobil hair-inspired bike helmet, and it’s in demand. Created by Danish firm Moef back in 2015, it was reportedly created in a bid to get kids interested in bike safety. Read More >>

Dangerous Lorries Could be Banned from London to Protect Cyclists

London's mayor is spearheading a plan to boot some of the less well designed HGVs out of London, launching an idea that will see lorries checked for safety -- and the most dangerous models with poor driver visibility banned from the city by 2020. Read More >>

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Cyclist Goes Full Superman, Beats Everyone

Pro tip to cyclists: sailing through the air horizontally while gripping your handlebars for dear life is the most efficient way downhill. Read More >>

The Science Behind The Horrific Crash That Hospitalised an Olympic Cyclist

Dutch Olympic cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten is recuperating in intensive care after a horrific crash on the cycling track during the women’s road race event at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The rider suffered a heavy concussion and three small fractures in her lumbar spine, although she was apparently conscious and able to speak, and there were no signs of internal bleeding. Read More >>

The Best Bike Multi-Tool For Fixing Your Own Bike 

We spent two months and logged a total of 1,000 miles putting 15 bike tools through dozens of en route and at-home repairs, and found the Topeak Mini 9 to be the best multi-tool for casual cyclists. If you’re willing to pay more for a lighter tool, check out the Specialized EMT Pro Road. If you’re a mountain biker, the Crank Brothers m19 has the additional tools you need. And for you single-speed/fixed-gear folks, the Park Tool MT-30 has a wrench for removing bolted wheels. Read More >>

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Can Recognise Cyclist Hand Signals

Last month, Google focused on teaching its self-driving cars to honk appropriately. Now, it’s taking safety into its own hands and learning how to deal with all those cyclists on the road. Read More >>

This Bike Is So Smart They Claim It Can’t Be Stolen

Commuting via bicycle can be rough. There are nails and potholes waiting to destroy your tires, cars waiting to smoosh you, and thieves waiting to steal your bike as soon as your back is turned. The last problem is so pernicious it keeps a lot of people from riding, and those that do opt to ride ride £100 junkcycles. That way they don’t lose any sleep when they come out after a night of drinking and find a chain dangling from the stand where their bike used to be. Read More >>

Acer Unveils ‘First Cycling Computer’ That Automatically Uploads Video Based on Heart Rate

Acer unveiled a fresh bit of kit for avid cyclers at its annual bash in New York yesterday, dubbed “the first cycling computer”. Read More >>

You Might Throw Up After Taking the World’s First IMAX Spin Class

The one thing you can’t buy to help you with your fitness routine is motivation. But IMAX thinks it can get your butt off the sofa with a new cycling class that takes place in front of one its massive and immersive movie screens. Read More >>

Thermal Camera Outs Pro Cyclists as Secret Electric Motor Cheats

A joint investigation by Italy's Corriere della Sera newspaper and France's Télévisions Stade 2 claims to have uncovered evidence of systematic mechanical doping in the professional cycling ranks, with thermal cameras appearing to show miniature power systems and warm batteries in the bikes of seven pro riders. Read More >>

This is the Bike Set to Push Team GB’s Cyclists to Olympic Glory

BAE Systems has revealed the new creation it hopes will power Team GB’s cyclists to gold medal glory at the Olympics this year, and it looks suspiciously like an exercise bike. However, appearances aren’t everything. Read More >>