Ford’s Cooked Up an Emoji Jacket for Cyclists to Help People ‘Share the Road’

In a bid to stop people killing cyclists - through terrible accidents or mere frustration - Ford has designed a snazzy jacket capable of displaying emoji as well as road signals. Read More >>

Scottish Police Target Drivers Getting Too Close to Cyclists in the Inventively Named Operation Close Pass

Scottish police have taken to their bikes to catch motorists who drive too close for comfort. The plain clothes officers are the perfect bait to catch drivers who don't leave the required safe passing distance of 1.5 metres when overtaking. Read More >>

One Leg of This Year’s Tour of Britain is Going to Start in a Town That Has Banned Cyclists

Regardless of whether you curse cyclists on a daily basis, a lycra-wearing red-light skipping two wheeled menace, or just someone who prefers to travel in something other than a car, you have to admit this story is pretty funny. The fourth day of this year's Tour of Britain is set to begin in central Mansfield - a town that ordinarily bans cyclists from its streets. Read More >>

Bridgestone’s Airless Tires Will Soon Let Cyclists Abandon Their Bike Pumps

First revealed way back in 2011, Bridgestone’s airless tires use a series of rigid plastic resin spokes to help a wheel keep its shape as it rolls, instead of an inflatable inner tube that can puncture and leak. Military vehicles and ATVs have been some of the first vehicles to adopt the unorthodox design, but Bridgestone will soon be making a version of its airless tires for use on bicycles. Read More >>

New Highway Code Junction Rule Proposed by British Cycling and AA

British Cycling, the AA and pedestrian groups have called for a change to the Highway Code that would see motorists turning left at a junction always give way to cyclists going straight ahead. Read More >>

Google Patented a Sticky Car Hood That Traps Pedestrians Like Flies

Google loves to brag about how its self-driving cars and their ability to save lives by being really good at not crashing into things. But crashes do still happen, and when they do, Google apparently has a backup plan: human flypaper. Read More >>

A Cyclist’s Track Stand Befuddled One of Google’s Self-Driving Cars

It’s usually easy for our human brains to predict how any given car, pedestrian, or cyclist is going to act, but computers must be programmed to “understand” all of our varying behaviours on the road. The latest thing perplexing Google’s self-driving cars (and thereby entertaining us)? A simple track stand, according to Washington Post’s Matt McFarland. Read More >>

Designers Propose Bike Superhighway for London… in the Thames

Here's a novel way of dealing with London's exploding cyclist population -- dump them in the river. That's the idea being, ahem, floated, by a design think-tank, that's proposed a floating bike lane to span the city. Read More >>

Four London Buses Kitted Out With Radar and Cameras in New Safety Push

London buses on routes 25 and 73 are about to make a few more weird beeps and whistles than usual, thanks to TfL testing out radar and visual systems designed to alert the drivers when pedestrians and cyclists get a little too close. Read More >>

London’s Floating Bike Road Dream Outlined by Sir Norman Foster

A team of architects including celebrity girder bender Sir Norman Foster has updated and fleshed out its SkyCycle plan, a bizarre concept that would use the empty channels above some train lines to build floating, bikes-only cycle superhighways. Read More >>

Government Invests £30,000 in Cycling Charity’s Pothole Location App

The Department for Transport has given cycling charity Cyclists' Touring Club a £30k Christmas bonus, allowing the bike enthusiasts to extend and develop a smartphone app that tells councils where the largest and most dangerous potholes are on our dilapidated streets and roads. Read More >>

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Tweet About Hitting People With Your Car #Bloodycardrivers

A mouthy lady driver has been shamed into deleting her entire Twitter account, after police began investigating her proud claim to have knocked a cyclist off his bike in Norwich. Read More >>

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Police Driver Undertakes Cyclist; Head Camera Captures Everything

A police driver forced his way past a cyclist using a London bus lane to undertake him, and might have got away with it were it not for the biker's head-mounted camera capturing the entire confrontation for the entertainment of the YouTube massive. Read More >>