Relive the D-Day Normandy Landings With Sky News’ Live Blog

It's the 75th anniversary of D-Day and Sky News is letting you relive the landings at Normandy with a real-time live blog and it's as harrowing as you'd think. Read More >>

Bletchley Park Plans Cracked D-Day Comms Reenactment

A unique insight into the unfolding horror of D-Day from the perspective of the baddies will be offered by today's curators of Bletchley Park, who are planning to live-tweet the intercepted and cracked messages of the German command as realisation gradually dawned that the Allies were throwing everything and everyone at the Normandy coastline. Read More >>

Family Domestic Among Spies Nearly Scuppered WWII D-Day Plans

Juan Pujol, a double-agent who operated under the codename Agent Garbo and was instrumental in putting the Nazis off the scent when it came to working out where the D-Day landings would take place, very nearly had his cover blown thanks to a heated domestic with his wife. Read More >>

15 Incredible Photo Composites Match Up Normandy on D-Day and Today

Today marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, aka Operation Overlord, the single largest seaborne military invasion of all time. How has Normandy changed in the seven decades since? In these perfectly matched photo composites, Getty Images photographer Peter Macdiarmid compares the quaint towns in 1944 and 2014. Read More >>

WWII War Cabinet is “Live” Tweeting D-Day

The UK's National Archives has been tweeting the war as it happened for some time. With today being the D-Day anniversary, it's crunch time. Read its D-Day updates while thinking about how cushy we all have it nowadays. [War Cabinet] Read More >>

17 Things You Didn’t Know About D-Day

Success meant the beginning of the end for the Third Reich; failure would have given Hitler the opportunity to launch his new V-weapons at British cities. "We cannot afford to fail." It's been 70 years since thousands of brave men and women united to fight on the beaches of Normandy. To remember the mammoth operation, here are 17 things you didn't know about D-Day. Read More >>

Bletchley Park Veterans Needed to Solve 70-Year-Old Dead Pigeon Mystery

A dead pigeon pulled out of a man's chimney was found to have a little red capsule attached to its leg, which contained an encoded message from the D-Day landings. Problem is, today's decrypting experts can't crack it. Can your granddad help? Read More >>

monster machines
How Tide-Predicting Machines Saved D-Day

How do you land 140,000 allied troops on an 5-mile long stretch of beach under heavy German bombardment? Very carefully. And to ensure the deployment of forces without stranding landing craft while juking Cmdr. Rommel out of his sneakers, the Allies employed these machines to predict the height of the tides. Read More >>