Dads Not Understanding the Washing Machine Adverts BANNED

The Advertising Standard Authority is happy that it's done enough to kick sexism aimed at women out of advertising, so now it's got another target in its sights -- the incompetent father figure struggling to multitask because mum's been out of the house for 40 minutes and dinner's burning. Read More >>

School Offering “Man Days” to Teach Fatherless Kids Basic Male Tasks

Suggesting the lack of a male role model in the lives of kids can act as a "barrier" to their educational and life progress, one Essex school is taking matters into its own hands by offering boys lessons in how to be more of a man. We hope they accept mature students. Read More >>

Stop Boasting About How Big They Are; Smaller Testicles Make You a Better Dad

Men with smaller testicles make for better dads, according to data compiled by a university. It's something to do with having less testosterone pumping through your body and therefore being less macho and more likely to enjoy parenthood. Read More >>

Dad of the Year Builds Functional 737 Cockpit in Kids’ Bedroom

Your father may have taken you camping, driven you to cello practice or taught you all the lyrics to AC/DC songs. But chances are he didn't go to the same lengths as Laurent Aigon. Over the last five years, at great expensive and after much effort, he built a 737 cockpit so life like, it's been used as a training simulator. Read More >>

In the Tragicomedy That Was Your Childhood Who Played Your Dad?

People seem to have strong feelings about TV dads. They round them up and rank them. And no one ever really got over the whole Danny Tanner situation. But which TV dad is your dad? If it's not immediately obvious (mine is definitely Bill Nye) then you may need some help. And it exists! This flowchart will help you figure out an alter-ego for that guy who was never around. Or was always around. Whatever, Dads are cool. [Blip via Digg] Read More >>