A PR Firm’s Winding Up MPs and the Daily Mail With a Fake Brexit Game

Everyone's talking about deepfakes, but welcome to yet another minor manifestation of the internet's capacity for falsehood: Brexit Royale. This video game features various British politicians facing off against one another in classic royale style. Or at least it would, if it were real. Read More >>

This SITE Generates FAKE Daily Mail Headlines for QUINOA-MUNCHING Lefties to SCOFF AT

If you're one those miserable left wing types that likes ruining everyone's fun, you might want to pay attention to this post. Someone on Reddit claims they've cracked the Daily Mail's headline formula and has put together a little website that throws up fake Daily Mail headlines. Headlines that will no doubt be hilarious if you read the Guardian, but will be infuriatingly inaccurate if you're a member of the Mail's legal and management teams. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Stops Stocking the Daily Mail

Those hoping to be made angry about society on a long train journey are out of luck, as Virgin Trains has revealed it's to stop selling the Daily Mail on all of its services. Read More >>

That Viral Story About a Japanese Man Crushed to Death by His Porn Collection is Totally Fake

Did a man in Japan really get crushed to death by his porn collection? No. But you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, thanks to this dumb game of Telephone we call The Internet. Read More >>

Daily Mail Owner Considers Buying Some Chunks of Yahoo

Someone at the Daily Mail would appear to know the point of Yahoo these days, as the media company is apparently in the "early stages" of putting together a bid for all -- or just the media parts -- of the dotcom dinosaur. Read More >>

Is This Dracula’s Real Tomb?

According to "historians" cited by The Daily Mail (LOL!), you're looking at the tomb of Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, aka Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula. Yes. The Dracula. The tomb is located in Santa Maria la Nova, in Naples, Italy. And they want to open it. It seems like the plot for a horror movie but, is it real? Read More >>

Mail Online Just Paid £1m for the Domain

Click-baiting, boob-touting, fear-mongering Mail Online, with its sidebar of shame, is the closest the web has come to producing a page that is the digital equivalent of meth. It's now been revealed that it has just coughed up £1 million in order to secure the web domain, and spread its...message wider. Read More >>

Daily Mail Rumbled Nicking Entire Article, Concept and Photos From Blogger

A frustrated blogger caught the Daily Mail lifting an entire article, with the shameless celebrity gusset portal stealing words, photos and certain phrases from a list feature on tourist vandalism he'd put together just a day earlier. Read More >>

The Daily Mail Makes It Even Easier to Infuriate Britain’s Lowest Common Denominator

Britain's favourite hypocritical outrage and celebrity-arse photograph portal has launched a public-facing stats page, giving normal people an easy way to shake their heads in dismay at the opinions of its mad, racist, angry nutcase readers. Read More >>

What the Site Would Look Like if the Daily Mail Ran It

The Daily Mail is up in arms over the site winning the Design of the Year award, because, among other things, it 'doesn't have enough pictures'. So we've donned our Daily Mail-editor hats, and re-imagined what sort of visual wares the Mail would use to illustrate all the little bits of everyone's favourite government portal. Read More >>

Drowned In Sound Says The Daily Mail Stole and Warped Paul McCartney Interview

Rumours burn like wildfire, traversing the planet in seconds, often becoming facts in the process. Some people level the blame for this at technology, blogs and electronic-based media. In truth, mainstream outlets are just as guilty as the blogs, and sometimes more effective. Read More >>

Daily Mail In Pinterest Pinter Mix Up

We’ve heard a lot about Pinterest recently; it’s certainly a hot topic around the internets at the moment. Now the Daily Mail’s gotten involved, but has seemingly grabbed the wrong end of the stick, phoning the late Harold Pinter’s widow for a statement on the interesting website supposedly named after him. Read More >>

The Daily Mail’s Eggy-Face Over “Amanda Knox Is Guilty” Story

Look, we all do it. If a website claims not to pre-write certain articles (obituaries; Apple announcements; obituaries about Apple announcements) then they're obviously missing a trick. But actually publishing an incorrect pre-written article? Just ask the Daily Mail, The Sun and even The Guardian how much that hurts. Read More >>