A Dalek is Helping Exterminate Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

A Dalek standing in the foyer of the BBC’s broadcasting building in London was recently found to contain an interesting compound that could be used to solve an ongoing medical crisis. Read More >>

This Company is Making Robot Security Guards That Look Like Daleks

If you're sitting down at the drawing board to design a robotic security guard, and you don't want people to run the other way screaming 'oh hell no' at first sight, here's a little tip: don't make it look like the evil killer cyborg from a science fiction programme. Read More >>

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The Utility Truck Can Exterminate a Pothole Every 120 Seconds

Getting  work crews out to patch roads is sometimes more trouble than its worth. It snarls traffic for hours at a time, costs councils hundreds of thousands of pounds annually, and typically only fixes the problem for a short time. But this gravel-blasting utility truck aims to make the permanent patch process faster than firing a gunstick. Read More >>