Legion’s Psychic Interpretive Dance Battles Are One of Its Most Brilliant Ideas

Interpretive dance, much like slam poetry, is a polarising art form that people either passionately love or vehemently hate. If you’re someone who falls into the latter camp, then Legion might actually be what convinces you to change your mind. Dance has been a core part of Legion since the very first episode, but it really wasn’t until this week’s season two premiere that the whimsical sequences’ significance really came into focus. Read More >>

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Watch This Dancer Perform a Flawlessly Choreographed Routine With a Giant Robotic Arm

Taiwanese dancer Huang Yi also happens to be a talented engineer and inventor. The two disciplines don’t seem like they’d naturally go together, but Yi recently gave a TED Talk performance where he danced alongside a perfectly choreographed Kuka robotic arm that he programmed himself. Read More >>

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Smoke Grenades Manage to Make Breakdancing Cool Again

Despite films like Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo that helped popularise breakdancing in the ‘80s, the craze has, for better or for worse, become kind of lame over the past few decades. As these dancers demonstrate, however, maybe what was missing was nothing more than a few smoke grenades to liven things up. Read More >>

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Video Shows Off the Relationship Between Dance and Architecture

The concept behind the short film “Fabricating Performance” by the Interactive Architecture Lab and the study that surrounds it concerns reciprocation in design. Read More >>

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Totally Trippy Video Blends Two Different Views of a Dancer

You might get a seizure if you watch Ian Eastwood dance too much in this video, but it’s so damn cool that it might even be worth it. It’s neat because he blends the view of him dancing while he’s facing us with another view of him dancing with his back turned. Read More >>

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Otherworldly Animation Makes These Motion Captured Dance Moves Even More Amazing

New York studio Method Design was tasked with creating something for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers’ annual awards show. They decided to make a dance party. Read More >>

Here are All the Winners of This Year’s Dance Your PhD Contest

Science and interpretive dance met once again this year, as PhD students around the world took to the stage to bring their research to vivid life in the annual Dance Your PhD contest. Read More >>

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This Mesmerising Pixel-Littered Performance Blends Technology and Dance

Imagine layering a world of interactive digital pixels over the athletic, poised movements of dancers—and, actually, you get this. Put together by French dance company Adrien M / Claire B, this performance uses light projection technology to create an interactive world that doesn't get in the way of dancers yet enhances their performance. Read More >>

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Amazing Video of People Dancing on the Wall of a Building

This is Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeker dancing like some kind of fairies or angels while suspended on the wall of City Hall in Oakland, California. The effect of them moving over the building's façade as it if were the ground is disorienting but really beautiful. I can watch them doing this forever. Read More >>

An Artist is Using Augmented Reality to Stage a Guerrilla Show at the New York Museum of Modern Art

New York's Museum of Modern Art won't display the early work of choreographer Ted Shawn—so Adam H. Weinert is doing it for them. Surprise! MoMa just got a permanent unauthorized exhibition that displays performances inside the museum through an augmented reality app. Read More >>

These Mesmerising Photos Capture Dynamic Ballet Dancers in Midair

Ballet dancers have an uncanny ability to give gravity the finger while effortlessly doing things with their limbs that normal folks will literally *never* be able to manage. Often their manoeuvres are too quick to catch with the naked eye, but Jesus Chapa-Malacara has managed a sweet way to show every step from start to finish. Read More >>

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When Doing the Robot Just Isn’t Enough: Robot Wins Dance Competition Gangnam-Style

The rise of the machines took another sauntering step this weekend when a robot won a Chinese dance competition imitating the South Korean pop sensation, PSY. Read More >>

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Dances With Nerds: Science Described Through the Medium of Interpretive Dance

When you simply dont understand your own PhD thesis anymore, a little interpretive dance can really help to clear things up. And if you're as creative as Peter Liddicoat from the University of Sydney, you stand to win a bonus cash prize and the respect of, errr, your peers. Read More >>