Morris Dancers March on Parliament Over May Day Sacrilege

A very polite but irritating protest is about to arrive in Westminster, with an assembled mass of morris dancers planning a little political protest all of their own. The target of their furious bell-waving and non-violent stick-clacking? A change in the timing of the early May bank holiday next year. Read More >>

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Watch a 37,000-Pound Earth Mover Dance on Two Wheels

It’s amazing what kind of useless skills you can teach yourself while you’re bored at work. But twirling pens on your fingers or mastering Solitaire aren’t nearly as impressive as driving an 18-ton front-end loader on two wheels while making the gigantic machine twerk. Read More >>

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Dancers Instantly Swap Freaky Face Masks Using a Face-Tracking Projector

Costume-changes during a live performance are fast and frenetic, limiting how elaborate makeup and outfits can be. But for this performance by Japanese dance duo AyaBambi, a high-speed face-tracking projector was used to change their appearances while they performed, even creating the illusion of wearing masks that instantaneously appear over their faces. Read More >>

This Glow in the Dark Finger Puppet Dance is Unreal

Damn, this finger puppet is so awesome. Not only does it glow in the dark but its dance moves are so incredible that you’d think it was alive. It just moves so fluidly. Read More >>

This Crawling, Climbing Worm Bot is a Never-Ending Night at the Club

In an attempt to design robots that are as simple as possible, David Zarrouk’s latest mechanical creation takes its inspiration from a funky ‘80s dance move known as the worm. Using just a single motor it’s able to scoot across the floor by undulating its flexible body up and down, which also allows it to swim and even climb narrow spaces. Read More >>

200 People Have Stupid Party on Railway Tracks

A group of around 200 people decided to have a party in an old railway siding, which was probably fine if perhaps a bit vulnerable to being called off due to the weather. The problem was, as more people turned up they ran out of space -- forcing some partiers to spread out and start dancing about on actual live train lines. Read More >>

Watch These Drones Flawlessly Perform With a Talented Dance Troupe

Drones are already a fantastic tool for capturing footage. But when the cameras are turned on the flying drones themselves, they prove to be equally spectacular performers as part of this Japanese multimedia dance troupe called Elevenplay. They also never miss a performance and don’t need dressing rooms, so how long before their human co-performers are made completely obsolete? [YouTube via IEEE Spectrum] Read More >>

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Totally Trippy Video Blends Two Different Views of a Dancer

You might get a seizure if you watch Ian Eastwood dance too much in this video, but it’s so damn cool that it might even be worth it. It’s neat because he blends the view of him dancing while he’s facing us with another view of him dancing with his back turned. Read More >>

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These Guys Doing Crazy Tricks on a Pole Must Have Magnetic Superpowers

Forgive me, but I think it’s plausible that these two guys are actually the first mutants in the world. The way they move so easily around this Chinese pole makes it seem like they have magnetic superpowers, or access to an invisible wall. Read More >>

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Otherworldly Animation Makes These Motion Captured Dance Moves Even More Amazing

New York studio Method Design was tasked with creating something for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers’ annual awards show. They decided to make a dance party. Read More >>

A Troupe of 540 Dancing Robots Is the Best Way to Celebrate Chinese New Year

There is no better way to celebrate the passing of time than with a gratuitous display of synchronised dancing. Scratch that: make the dancers robots and add in some drones, too. That should do it. Read More >>

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Watch Tim Cook Dancing to Pharrell’s Happy for Earth Day

On Earth Day — which was yesterday, in case you missed it — there’s a lot be happy about, as Apple's CEO shows in this fun video posted on Instagram. Read More >>

Science Determines Which Dance Moves Will Help You Impress the Ladies

There's one thing that has been universally regarded as a woman-pleaser throughout history. Minds out of the gutter please, I'm talking about dancing. It turns out sciencey people have done extensive research into the topic, and have discovered which dance moves men can pull off to maximise the number of impressed females in the vicinity. Read More >>

Watch This Chain of Beads Dash Across the Room All On Its Own

When you put chains and physics together, you get results that are borderline magic, and this experiment from MIT proves it. No, this chain doesn't seem to float in mid-air, but it does walk across the room. Read More >>

Uniformed Police Spotted Dancing Suspiciously at Notting Hill Carnival

Three policemen were filmed acting highly unusually at the Notting Hill Carnival over the weekend, with the coppers making high-visibility spectacles of themselves by dancing for the amusement of a baying crowd. Read More >>