Danny Boyle’s Yesterday is a Fascinating, Complex Fantasy Set to the Music of the Beatles

Danny Boyle’s latest film, Yesterday, makes pleasure feel guilty, but it’s not a guilty pleasure. Instead, it’s an expertly crafted film telling the surprisingly complex emotional story of one man’s impossible dilemma involving some of the greatest art ever made – and it makes us question our own personal morals in the process. Read More >>

Woz Says Jobs Will be Known for His “Negative Personality”

In preparation for the upcoming Steve Jobs cinematic release, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been doing the publicity rounds, including making this featurette that juxtaposes his real-life commentary with snippets from the movie. Read More >>

The Latest Steve Jobs Trailer Tackles the Origin of Technology’s Bad Boy Genius

Steve Jobs is shaking up to be one hell of a biopic! Here’s the latest look at Micahel Fassbender doing his very best megalomaniacal technologist. Read More >>

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This Is What the Olympic Opening Ceremony Looked Like From a Performer’s Perspective

Friday saw the official opening of the Olympics with Danny Boyle's colossal Opening Ceremony. From agriculture, through industrial revolution, to music and, finally, the digital age. Here's what it looked like from the point of view of one of the performers, turning green and pastoral lands into molten metal and industrial furnaces. Incredible. Read More >>

Fake Clouds and Real Cows Bring the British Countryside to the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Director Danny Boyle has revealed his plans for the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, and for once it's not all bowler hats and red buses. We'll be seeing a fake Glastonbury, real cows, battling traditional and modern mosh pits and simulated rolling countryside welcoming the world to London 2012. Read More >>