Get a Glimpse at Cyberpunk 2077’s Gritty World in This Exclusive Art Book Preview

If you’re looking forward to the Keanu Reeves-starring Cyberpunk 2077, we have a homework assignment for you. Dark Horse and CD Projekt Red are about to release a 200-page hardcover book detailing the lore of the entire world months before the video game pops into your console, and Gizmodo has an exclusive sneak peek. Read More >>

Netflix Is Turning Usagi Yojimbo Into an Animated Series

Stan Sakai’s legendary rabbit ronin is finally getting an animated series of his own after decades and decades of comic book adventures across Edo Japan. But the new series seems like it’ll contain a few interesting twists. Read More >>

dark horse
Dark Horse Finally Cuts Ties With Editor Scott Allie After New Sexual Abuse Claims

As the ongoing examination into gross sexual harassment across multiple corners of the entertainment industry continues, more incidents of abuse in the comics industry are coming to light. Now, a familiar name at Dark Horse Comics has had their relationship with the company severed entirely after facing a new allegation. Read More >>

In Our First Look at Umbrella Academy Season 2, Long Hair and Swedish Assassins Abound

Look, it’s been a wild time for everyone, let alone the time-hopping heroes of Umbrella Academy. You’ll be forgiven for some of them letting their hair get a bit out of place. Or, really, a lot out of place. Read More >>

star wars
A Guide to Star Wars Comics That Can Help Fill the Clone Wars-Shaped Hole in Your Heart

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has now ended, bringing about closure to our definitive understanding of a conflict and characters that fundamentally shaped the sci-fi saga. And not just the prequels but everything from Rebels to The Mandalorian, much further beyond the original three movies. Missing it already? Have no fear: there is, as they say, another. Read More >>

Oh Boy, Hellboy’s Box Office Debut is Hell

Sometimes, a barrage of bad reviews can do little to dent the opening of a blockbuster film – just look at the vicious critical reaction to Batman v Superman and its initially-impressive take at the box office. But it seems like Hellboy, fresh off of a critical drubbing, couldn’t escape the level of hell Anung Un Rama was first summoned from. Read More >>

Hellboy’s Blood-Soaked Horns Are Too Dull to Leave Much of an Impression

In the months leading up to Hellboy’s release, much noise was made about how much comic creator Mike Mignola (who co-wrote the film with Andrew Cosby) didn’t want the movie to be an origin story that retread ground Guillermo del Toro staked out in his Hellboy movies. But that seems to have been almost all but lip service because unfortunately, that’s basically what the new Hellboy is. Read More >>

There’s One Big Thing Holding The Umbrella Academy Back

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s The Umbrella Academy is a curious blend. It mixes the original comic’s genuine oddness, which felt refreshing back in 2007 when Dark Horse first began publishing the series, and the kind of formulaic TV storytelling that’s come to define most of the streaming platform’s superhero-focused content. Read More >>

star wars
A Brief Guide to the Long, Ever-Changing History of How Star Wars Has Portrayed Mandalorians 

From the Holiday Special to The Mandalorian, the Star Wars race that counts Boba and Jango Fett among its numbers has a long history in and out of the narrative of the galaxy far, far away. It’s one that Star Wars has long been enamoured with—but its portrayal has ebbed and flowed in fascinating ways over the last four decades. Let’s take a look, shall we? Read More >>

All the Incredible New Comic Series to Cosy Up With This Autumn

We’re finally free from the sweltering heat of summer. Autumn is nearly upon us, with its falling leaves, cool breeze, and the saintly scent of petrichor in the air. We’re not scientists, but we’re pretty sure it’s scientific fact that these are the perfect conditions to read a tonne of new comics in. Good thing there are some on the way! Read More >>

One of Comics’ Coolest Creators Returns Because ‘It’s So Hard to Do a Perfect Comic’

Ann Nocenti wrote some of the most inventive, daring, and pointed superhero comics of the 1980s. We’re all really lucky that she makes a triumphant return to the medium this week, with The Seeds #1. Read More >>

Take a Peek at the Heroes (and Umbrellas) of the Umbrella Academy TV Series

It’s been a full year since Netflix announced that it would be adapting My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way and illustrator Gabriel Bá’s Dark Horse comic series. Now it’s finally revealed the cast in all their superhero glory—okay, they reveal a very small portion of all their superhero glory, but we like what we see. Read More >>

Dark Horse Is Turning William Gibson’s Alien 3 Script Into a New Comic 

When Fox approached William Gibson to write a script for Alien 3 back in the late ‘80s, the studio imagined that the lauded author would bring his distinct cyberpunk vision of the future to the franchise. Instead, Gibson turned in a complicated, politically-charged script influenced by the Cold War. Due to a number of factors, Fox ultimately ended up passing on Gibson’s script after deciding it wasn’t going to take the franchise in the direction the studio wanted, and the Gibson Alien movie became the stuff of fandom legend. Now, though, Dark Horse Comics is planning to realise Gibson’s vision as an all-new comic book series adapted from Gibson’s script and illustrated by Johnnie Christmas. Read More >>

Mike Mignola Talks About Hellboy’s Evolution and the State of Superhero Films

Mike Mignola isn’t doing as much with Hellboy as he used to. But, with new collections of classic material and fresh storylines about the Right Hand of Doom and the BPRD coming out, he’s never too far from his signature creation. Read More >>