This Theory Could Breathe New Life Into the Hunt for Dark Matter

Physicists don’t know where most of the Universe’s apparent mass has gone, and attempts to find it have so far failed. But a proposed particle born out of the Universe’s chaotic first moments may provide a candidate and a reasonable way to look for it. Read More >>

Physicists to Split £2.5 Million Breakthrough Prize for Supergravity

Physicists Sergio Ferrara, Dan Freedman, and Peter van Nieuwenhuizen will split a $3 million Breakthrough Prize (approximately £2.47 million) for their theory of supergravity, which drives much of today’s physics research toward our understanding of the universe. Read More >>

Physicists Wonder: Why Has No One Been Killed by Dark Matter?

The fact that no one has died from being struck by dark matter is enough proof to rule out certain ideas about the mysterious stuff, according to one new theory paper. Read More >>

How Physicists Measured the Rarest Event Ever Directly Observed

This past week, scientists announced that they’d made an incredible physics observation using a vat of liquid xenon. It’s officially the rarest nuclear decay—and really, the rarest event of any kind—ever directly measured. Read More >>

Dark Matter Detector Makes Incredible Neutrino Observation

A detector designed to hunt for dark matter has made a particle physics observation that will hopefully help physicists establish important truths about our Universe. No, it didn’t spot dark matter, but the new result proves that these ultra-sensitive detectors are valuable to scientists for multiple reasons. Read More >>

Physicists Propose Hunting for Signs of Dark Matter in Ancient Minerals

Physicists typically build large, complex experiments to hunt for dark matter particles coming from outer space, but what if clues to its existence have been hiding inside the Earth all along? One group of physicists proposes hunting for signs of it in ancient minerals, such as olivine or gypsum, that formed in the Earth’s mantle or in seawater. Read More >>

dark matter
Where Is Dark Matter? Another Experiment Fails to Find a Signal

A dark matter experiment in South Korea may soon confirm or deny an outstanding piece of dark matter evidence. Read More >>

Scientists Build Atomic Clocks Accurate Enough to Measure Changes in Spacetime Itself

Physicists have created atomic clocks so precise that they can measure deformations in spacetime itself, according to new research. Read More >>

So What’s Going on With That ‘Hurricane of Dark Matter?’

It’s the perfect science-fiction device: a hurricane of dark matter. Recent, real-life research has demonstrated that our Sun is currently engulfed in a so-called a stellar stream. Some publications have seized on this ominous-sounding idea, reporting that Earth is about to be walloped by a dark matter storm—but in fact, if it exists, we’re already inside the storm. The reality of the situation isn’t quite so dire, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Read More >>

How the Universe Ends

Somewhere between a second and a millennium from now, you will die. Your body and all of its parts will cease functioning and rejoin the Earth as regular, lifeless stuff. The Earth, too, will die, engulfed by an expanding, ageing Sun. The Sun will burn off all of its fuel and end up a white dwarf, then burn out and die. The Milky Way will collide with nearby Andromeda, and form a large, elliptical galaxy, which will die by losing all of its stars to intergalactic space. The corpses of those remaining stars will die, decaying into their constituent parts. The universe will age onward, until all matter is either stored in black holes or floating as free elementary particles. Those black holes will evaporate, and then universe will die. All that was will be an icy cold nothing, forever. Read More >>

The Large Hadron Collider Turns 10: Here’s What’s Next for Particle Physics

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of when the Large Hadron Collider first powered on. Since it’s already achieved its most well-known goal—to discover the Higgs boson—you might wonder what else is happening at the famous collider. Read More >>

A New Hunt for a ‘Dark Force’ Begins This Month in Italy

This month, Italian physicists will turn on an experiment hunting for a fifth, dark force of nature, the Guardian reports. Read More >>

The Dirtiest Fight in Physics Is About the Universe Itself

A fight over the very nature of the universe has turned ugly on social media and in the popular science press, complete with accusations of “cheating” and ad hominem attacks on Twitter. Most of the universe is hiding, and some scientists disagree over where it has gone. Read More >>

How Will Future Civilisations Survive The Accelerating Expansion of The Universe?

If you think we have problems now, just wait a few billion years, when the accelerating expansion of the Universe triggers an energy crisis of cosmological proportions. Sounds grim, but as a new paper points out, an advanced civilisation faced with doom won’t have to go gently into that good night—there may very well be a way to rage against the dying of the light. Read More >>

Why Particle Physicists Are Excited About This Mysterious Inconsistency

Scientists haven’t conclusively spotted any new particles since the Higgs boson, and that’s got some people worried—there are a tonne of other physics puzzles remaining, many of which would require the presence of a new particle to resolve. But recently, there have been some tantalising clues of new physics, perhaps a new particle, that many scientists are excited about. Read More >>