Distant Galaxies Look Mysteriously Different From Our Own

There’s a gravitational anomaly that permeates our entire universe: The way most galaxies and clusters of galaxies behave implies that there’s around six times more matter than we actually observe. Scientists called the missing stuff that should create the unaccounted-for gravity we measure “dark matter.” Read More >>

Mysterious Dark Matter Remains Maddeningly Elusive

The hunt for the elusive dark matter received yet another blow yesterday at an international conference in Sheffield. Scientists with the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) dark matter experiment announced that they found no hints of dark matter particles in their latest analysis, despite increasing the sensitivity of the experiment fourfold for its final run. Read More >>

The Surprising Way Black Holes Are Shaping the Darkest Corners of the Universe

The most powerful supercomputer simulation of the Universe is providing important insights into how matter is distributed across large scales. Surprisingly, a significant portion of matter resides outside of galaxies and in the cosmic voids that permeate the cosmos. Read More >>

‘Inflatable Dark Matter’ Could Explain Why We See Less Than Many Theories Predict

Many wonderful theories that explain the evolution of the universe fail because they predict more dark matter than is actually out there. Now a new paper proposes one event in the early universe that would reduce the amount of dark matter in all the theories. Read More >>

The Best Dark Matter Signals Scientists Have Ever Recorded

It may look more like a young child's art assignment than anything else, but this is in fact the best dark matter signal that scientists have ever recorded. Read More >>

Should We Mine Ancient Shipwrecks to Push Science Into the Future?

We humans are a sentimental horde, which is why we get squeamish about places where people used to live, and places where people bit the dust. But how much should we value preserving the past when it impedes our ability to move into the future? The battle over the fate of a few long-shipwrecked vessels is forcing us to confront some uncomfortable questions about progress. Read More >>

Fearless Scientists Attempt to Make Dark Matter in a Lab, Probably Endangering Us All

Dark matter -- we don't properly know what it is, or what it does, but there's a good chance that the stuff exists out in the cosmos thanks to gravitational evidence, even if it's otherwise invisible. Call me a coward, but on the basis that we've no real idea what dark matter is, I'd say we should play it safe and not start mucking around trying to create the stuff. You know, in case it causes the end of the world or something. Read More >>

Scientists Observe the Mysterious Hidden Structure of the Universe for the First Time Ever

In 1933, Fritz Zwicky — a Swiss astronomer working at CalTech — had an amazing revelation. He realised that the amount of matter that we can see through our telescopes doesn't match the behaviour of the Universe. There had to be something else that we couldn't see. Something that accounts for an astonishing 83 per cent of all existing matter but is invisible to us. Read More >>

We Have No Idea Where One-Third of Space’s Gamma Rays Originate From

Fermi's Large Area Telescope has detected 1873 gamma rays out in space. Most come from objects such as pulsars or blazars. But for 600 of those rays, scientists have no idea where they're coming from. Read More >>