Mission to Slam Spacecraft Into Asteroid Has Begun Final Design and Construction

A mission to deflect asteroids that might threaten Earth has begun its final design and assembly phase, according to a news release. NASA is testing a technique meant to protect the planet from an impending asteroid strike, and it’s a satisfyingly simple one: They’re gonna slam the ship into the rock. Read More >>

NASA is Moving Ahead With an Ambitious Plan to Deflect an Asteroid

A mission to demonstrate an asteroid deflection technique just got a NASA promotion to the design phase. Called DART, the plan would see a refrigerator-sized spacecraft smash into a non-threatening asteroid, causing it to move ever so slightly from its original orbital path. The project is seen as an important first step in developing a planetary shield against incoming asteroids. Read More >>

Google Dart
Google Is Working on a New Programming Language Called Dart, but Will it Be a Javascript killer?

Google apparently thinks parts of Javascript kinda suck because they're now working on a new web programming language called Dart that's meant to remedy and simplify the more problematic aspects of the coding process. Read More >>