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Kinect Gesture Control Binned from Xbox One’s New Dash

That new Xbox One dashboard thing should hit everyone's consoles this week, and there's going to be one or two more confused and angry gamers waving their arms around in clueless fury than usual -- because it removes Kinect gesture input. Read More >>

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Xbox One’s Backward Compatibility Update Arrives November 12

Microsoft will continue its efforts to convert its Xbox One from a barely-functioning TV centrepiece to an actual/proper video game console next month, when a comprehensive system refresh known as the New Xbox One Experience rolls out. Read More >>

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Themes and Other UI Customisations Coming to Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox One will soon update itself with the power to set your own custom background images and themes, with the gaming division's Phil Spencer saying: "...themes and background pics are things we're working on." Read More >>

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Talking to Yourself Kinect Is the Primary Way to Navigate Xbox One Dashboard

Sure, you'll be able to do all this with an Xbox One controller too, but by the looks of all the marketing materials Microsoft is pumping out, it's really hoping you'll get chummy with Kinect, happily chatting away with it to navigate the next-gen console. Read More >>

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Xbox One Dashboard and Multitasking Shown in Beta Dash Video

A mumbling man with poor camera skills has shot his own video of the Xbox One dashboard, apparently recording a beta version of the dash that illustrates how the new console manages the multitasking side of things. Read More >>

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Xbox One’s UI Demonstrated and it’s Windows Tiling All the Way

This week's Gamescom gaming event is giving us lots more info on the software we'll be playing with on the new hardware that's arriving later this year, with Microsoft giving show visitors a complete look at its reworked Xbox dashboard and the new features it's sliding in. Read More >>

Apple Wants to Redesign Your Car’s Dashboard

While all the fanboys were freaking out over a font change in iOS 7 on Tuesday morning, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent that could dramatically reshape how the inside of your car looks (and works) in a few years. Read More >>

The Font on Your Car’s Dash Might Increase Your Risk of Crashing

Drivers beware: new research from MIT's Age Lab suggests that a badly chosen typeface for your dashboard can worsen distraction and increase your chance of crashing. Read More >>