Uber Paid Hackers Nearly £75,500 to Cover Up Data Breach Affecting 57 Million Accounts

Hackers accessed data belonging to 57 million Uber riders and drivers in late 2016, including email addresses, phone numbers, and drivers license numbers. Instead of disclosing the breach, Uber paid $100,000 (£75,490) to the hackers in exchange for their silence. The secret payment ultimately cost several Uber security executives their jobs. Read More >>

Equifax and Yahoo Complain They Are Helpless Against State-Sponsored Hacks

Former and current Equifax and Yahoo executives appeared on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to testify about the major consumer data breaches that occurred under their watch. An executive at Verizon, which acquired Yahoo this summer, was also called as a witness. Read More >>

Cosmetics Brand Tarte Exposed Personal Information About Nearly 2 Million Customers

Tarte Cosmetics, a cruelty-free cosmetics brand carried by major retailers like Sephora and Ulta, exposed the personal information of nearly two million customers in two unsecured online databases. Read More >>

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All 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Affected in Catastrophic Breach

The Yahoo breach was already considered to be the largest known hack of user data when it was counted at 1 billion affected accounts. Now, that record-breaking breach has tripled in size. Read More >>

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Viacom Leak May Have Exposed Hundreds of Digital Properties—Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central, MTV, and More

An Amazon server containing roughly a gigabyte’s worth of credentials and configuration files belonging to behemoth media conglomerate Viacom were discovered online and unsecured, according to UpGuard, a California-based “cyber resiliency” firm. A security researcher working for the company discovered the server flapping in the wind last month—without so much as a password between it and the public web. Read More >>

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Hackers Steal Personal Information of 143 Million Americans in One Attack

Equifax, one of the largest credit reporting agencies in the US, revealed today that it has suffered a massive data breach at the hand of hackers. The stolen data includes names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, and other personal information for 143 million Americans. Read More >>

Leaked Data Reveals Just How Freaking Expensive It Is to Put Spice Girls and Coldplay Songs in Crappy Movies

One of Hollywood’s top contract management firms was sent scrambling this week after informed of a breach involving a wealth of confidential and proprietary data. Contained in the leak was invaluable information about the earnings of some of the world’s biggest musical talent during the era of Now That’s What I Call Music! 45 through 74. Read More >>

What Does O2’s Phone Number-Leaking Scandal Mean For Me? (Updated, Again)

O2's facing a bit of a PR nightmare today! You may have noticed a storm of tweets, Facebook messages and articles already. It’s because O2 is in some potentially very hot water right now; having sent its customers' phone numbers to the sites they visit over its network. And that’s not good in anyone’s book. But how bad is it really? Read More >>

NHS Facing Record £375,000 Fine Over Medical Data Breach Drives Flogged Online

After hard drives containing sensitive patient data were sold-off on eBay, the NHS has a rather massive fine coming its way from the Information Commissioner's Office. Thing is, it wasn’t exactly the NHS’s fault. Read More >>

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Nurse Fired For Uploading Photos of Patients to Facebook

It might be appropriate for mates to post photos of you flat-out drunk and having your stomach pumped in hospital, but it's simply not on when it comes to nurses snapping pics of your naked arse and uploading them to Facebook. Read More >>