Canadian Banks: Cyber Thieves Claim They Have Stolen 40,000 Clients’ Data

Two of Canada’s biggest banks fear that they’ve been the victim of a data breach and are urging customers to take the necessary steps to protect themselves. Both banks claim that they were contacted by “fraudsters” on Sunday who claimed to have stolen personal and financial information, and both banks appear to think the claim is legitimate. Read More >>

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Viacom Leak May Have Exposed Hundreds of Digital Properties—Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central, MTV, and More

An Amazon server containing roughly a gigabyte’s worth of credentials and configuration files belonging to behemoth media conglomerate Viacom were discovered online and unsecured, according to UpGuard, a California-based “cyber resiliency” firm. A security researcher working for the company discovered the server flapping in the wind last month—without so much as a password between it and the public web. Read More >>

Over 560 Million Passwords Discovered by Security Researchers in an Anonymous Online Database

A trove of more than 560 million login credentials has been exposed by a leaky database, researchers revealed on Tuesday, including email addresses and passwords stolen from as many as 10 popular online services. Read More >>

Trump Hotels is Investigating Claims That Hackers Stole Customers’ Credit Card Data 

Presidential candidate and sentient sac of millions of spiders Donald Trump—literally more spiders than you’ve ever seen—does not have a coherent stance on cybersecurity. In his business ventures, though, his cybersecurity record sucks. Trump has failed to encourage policies to prevent large-scale data breaches at the hotels that bear his name. Read More >>

Hackers Broke Into a Security Company and Stole the KKK’s Data

Staminus Communications, a hosting provider that specialises in DDoS protection, was the target of a massive hack that exposed sensitive customer data, including credit card information. One of the company’s clients is the Ku Klux Klan, so there’s that. Read More >>

AdultFriendFinder Hack Might Expose Your Sexual Orientation

When a company or website you trust gets hacked, it can be pretty unnerving. Particularly if you trusted that company with your credit card or medical information. But what if the hackers had knowledge of your sex life instead? That could be a reality: AdultFriendFinder has just suffered a massive data breach. Read More >>

This is What the World’s Biggest Data Breaches Look Like

It sometimes feels like there's a big data breach in the news every week — but some are far worse than others. This data visualisation shows the world's biggest data breaches to date, and how they compare over time. Ouch Sony. Read More >>