Data Centres of the Future Could Be Towering Skyscrapers

Data centres are usually vast, cavernous warehouse-like spaces rammed full of computers and cooling systems. But a pair of Italian architects has imagined a sustainable alternative that would meld server farms with skyscrapers. Read More >>

Microsoft Wants to Build Data Centres Underwater

“50% of us live near the coast,” Microsoft says. “Why doesn’t our data?” Read More >>

Here’s How Much Energy We Waste on Cat GIFs and Twitterbooks

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, because you’re about to get a good old-fashioned dose of guilt. The folks at SciShow have put together a video examining how much energy we waste on running the internet, and yup, the number is embarrassingly large. Read More >>

Facebook’s Wind-Powered Data Centre is Now Processing Your Posts

Facebook's first data centre powered solely by renewable energy is now in operation in Altoona, Iowa. The centre was expected to open in 2015, so it's ahead of schedule. Read More >>

Amazon’s Using the Heat From its Data Centres to Warm its New HQ

Downtown Seattle is being slowly consumed by Amazon-funded infrastructure, thanks to the expansion of its corporate headquarters—glass domes, bike lanes, streetcar improvements. Now the company has figured out an innovative way to heat their new buildings by using the energy generated by their data centres across the street. Read More >>

Building the Part of Facebook No One Ever Sees

Ever since we humans gave up the nomadic life and started building homes, architecture had one goal: To make life better for humans. But now, a new architecture is taking shape in remote, frozen corners of the world. And it's not designed for humans. It's for machines. In this case, for the remote machines that keep Facebook churning. Read More >>

What Do You Think Is on the Google Barge?

For almost a week now, the internet's been trawling the depths of its imagination trying to figure out what the heck Google is doing building barges. Obscure patent documents suggest they're floating data centers. Local reporters think they're clandestine Google Glass stores. But nobody really has a clue. Read More >>

An Up-Close Look at the Google Mystery Barge

The Google mystery barges docked near San Francisco and Portland, Maine are getting even more mysterious. We've seen the barge and heard the arguments about what's inside. But news that the search giant is making government officials keep their mouths shut about them—that takes it to the next level. Read More >>

Is Google’s Mysterious Barge Actually a Floating Glass Store?

After an odd but engrossing CNET story last week, everybody's wondering what the strange barge with ties to Google is doing docked near San Francisco. At first, it looked like the 25-foot-long structure was a next generation data center in-the-making, but CBS and CNET sources now say it's a floating Google Glass store. Weird huh? Read More >>

What the Hell is Google Building on This Massive Barge?

Cnet reports that Google is building something super secret, and super huge, on a barge that's floating in the San Francisco Bay. What the hell is this thing? Read More >>

Data Centres Waste a Ridiculously Massive Amount of Energy

There's a lot of data out there, and more and more is being created every day. It takes a lot of resources to keep it around, and make sure that you and everyone else can access what they want, when they want, with minimal downtime. Naturally this takes a lot of energy, but the New York Times looked into exactly how much. It's a ridiculous amount. Read More >>

This Data Centre Is Protected by a Fortress of Defense

If you want to know how to protect a data centre in 2012, you don't have to look further than the QTS Richmond Data Centre. With what seems like a fortress surrounding it, the data centre meets all the Department of Defense anti-terrorism force protection physical requirements. Read More >>

Apple’s Data Centres Will Be Powered Entirely By Renewable Energy

Greenpeace has been on the offensive against Apple this week, blasting the company for sourcing the power for its energy-intensive data centres from coal power plants. Today, Apple fired back with some remarkable facts, claiming it's a clean and renewable energy superstar. Read More >>