Scotland Police Roll out Cyber Kiosks Aimed at Data-Mining Your Phone With Ultimate Efficiently

Whether you're cooperating with the cops or have had your phone seized by the fuzz, you won't have to worry about them rifling through your data. Read More >>

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Parks and Rec’s Fake Future Facebook is Disconcertingly Plausible

Parks and Rec jumped a few years into the future for its last season, and that jump has mostly manifested in holographic tablets. Last night's episode, however, took on the more in-depth subject of data-mining pretty seriously, and with characteristically goofy wit. It's just a liiittle too realistic though. Read More >>

US Hospitals are Using Credit Card Data to Predict People’s Health

So, this sounds creepy: Some hospitals in the US are identifying high-risk patients by buying loads of consumer data (i.e. credit card purchases, store loyalty programs, etc.) and plugging it into algorithms so they can step in before the customer gets sick. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, it's currently being used by Carolinas HealthCare System, which is using that type of data to survey the health of its two million members. Read More >>

New York City is Fighting Fires With Data Mining

Helmets? Check. Oxygen tanks? Check. Hoses? Ditto. Algorithms? Yep: the New York City Fire Department is using data mining to predict which of the city's buildings are at highest risk of catching fire. Now that's metadata we can get behind. Read More >>

The NSA Can Afford To Store Data From Years Of Phone Calls

There's been a lot of talk about the NSA and its data-gathering policies. The news sounds kind of scary. But you might be thinking that the NSA can't have literally every foreign and domestic call made in the U.S. That would be a crazy amount of data right? Well, yes it would be, and it kind of seems like they have it. Or at least could afford to keep it if they wanted to. Read More >>

Sneaky Taliban Troops Pretending to be Hot Girls on Facebook to Lure Soldiers to Their Doom

Taliban insurgents out in Afghanistan are getting in touch with their feminine sides, pretending to be hot chicks on Facebook to befriend soldiers and get secret military details out of any bored squaddies they might trap. Read More >>