Top European Court Rules UK Mass Surveillance Regime Violates Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled this week that the British government’s surveillance regime violated human rights laws. Read More >>

Snapchat Files All-Caps DMCA Takedown After the Source Code It Leaked Hit Github

A portion of Snapchat’s source code was leaked and hosted on the code repository platform GitHub (recently acquired by Microsoft) before a copyright takedown request from Snap led the company to remove the offending leak. Read More >>

Facebook: Hey Can We Pretty Please Maybe Have Lots of Your Banking Information Too?

Facebook is looking to gobble up users’ financial information, including such tidbits as “card transactions and checking-account balances,” as part of its relentless effort to swallow up yet more of the web, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. Read More >>

Great, Now Facebook Is Investigating Potential Data Misuse By Something Called ‘Crimson Hexagon’ 

Facebook may have stumbled through its Cambridge Analytica user privacy scandal largely unscathed so far – the yet-to-be-determined outcome of four separate federal investigations notwithstanding – but its pivot to publicly talking a big game on cracking down on data misuse continues. Read More >>

Facebook Discloses More Data Sharing Partnerships As the Hits Just Keep Coming

It’s a day of the week, so that means it’s time for more revelations about Facebook’s sharing habits that it hadn’t previously revealed to users. In the latest entry in the endless attempt at retroactive transparency, Facebook revealed to Congress that it shared data with 52 hardware and software companies, including some firms headquartered in China. Read More >>

Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Use Design to Trick You Into Handing Over Your Data, New Report Warns

Your favourite tech companies are trying to trick you into giving up your data, and a new study shows how they’re using design to do it. Read More >>

Telegram CEO Says Apple Is Blocking Updates as Russia Tries to Ban the Messaging App

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov took to the encrypted messaging app today to explain why certain Telegram features aren’t working as expected on iOS 11.4, Apple’s most recent mobile OS update. In short, Durov says it’s Apple’s fault. Read More >>

Why Twitter Started Banning Some of Its Youngest Users

Twitter, in an effort to comply with the European Union’s privacy-centric General Data Protection Regulation, has begun to suspend accounts belonging users who were under the age of 13 when they first signed up. While the cynic in me is all for Twitter cleansing its service of youths, it isn’t exactly implementing age restriction as you might think. In effect, Twitter is engaging in some retroactive account suspension, forcing some users now over 13 to create brand new accounts. Sorry about your personal brand, teens. Read More >>

This Man Auctioned His Facebook Data on eBay

It’s no secret that the products and services you know and love (or loathe) are all hawking your data to advertisers, making a few billion pounds off all those “free” services provided to you. But when it comes time to pad your pockets, you’re not exactly getting a cut of the profits. So why not turn your data into cash by selling it to the highest bidder yourself? And where better to sell off your digital avatar than the web’s favourite auction house, eBay? Read More >>

App That Allows Parents to Spy on Teens Leaked Thousands of Passwords

TeenSafe, a service used by parents to monitor the online behaviours and phone activity of their children, allowed tens of thousands of accounts to leak online after failing to properly secure their servers. Read More >>

Facebook Suspends 200 Apps That May Have Mishandled Your Data

Facebook says it has investigated thousands of apps and suspended about 200 of them as a part of an investigation into apps that have accessed extensive amounts of user data. Read More >>

Facebook to Investors: There Are More Cambridge Analytica-Sized Privacy Lapses Coming

Facebook’s latest earnings report showed the company escaped its recent round of public scrutiny mostly unscathed, but a filing made this week with the US Securities and Exchange Commission shows that Facebook is expecting to find more massive misuses of data similar to the one that sparked the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Read More >>

Instagram Now Lets You Export Your Photos, Videos, and Embarrassing DMs

Instagram is finally giving users the ability to download some of their data. After teasing the tool a few weeks ago, the Facebook-owned service released a data export feature today, and it does more than just let you retrieve a copy of your filtered photos. Read More >>

Facebook Decides to Back Off Creepy Hospital Data-Sharing Project for Some Reason

In what might be the shortest time yet for an Onion headline to nearly mirror reality, Facebook has backed off plans to share sensitive info about your inner life with doctors and hospitals. And all it took was the company being embroiled in a cataclysmic data-sharing scandal. Read More >>

Facebook Just Updated Its Terms and Data Policy—Good Luck Understanding It

In what it presumably hopes will be seen as swift and stern action to inform and protect its users, Facebook announced new terms of service and a new data policy on Wednesday. Don’t worry, though, it’s not like the company has gone soft in its war on privacy. It’s just more explicitly copping to the stuff people are already mad about. Read More >>