New Laws Want to Ensure UK Citizens Get Extra Data Protection Rights After Brexit

Once the UK leaves the EU there's going to be a lot of legislative work to ensure everything goes smoothly, and one of the places that needs it the most is data protection. Well the government is doing something about it, and more than what was initially lauded during the general election and the Queen's speech in June. Read More >>

google glass
Information Commissioner’s Office Says Google Glass Wearers Will Have to Comply With Usual Rules

Google Glass is now freely-available in the UK, but the Information Commissioner's Office, the independent regulator of data protection and privacy rights, has made it clear that just because it's mounted on your face doesn't mean Glass will be getting any special treatment. Read More >>

Hundreds of Police Sacked and Forced to Resign for Snooping on Ex-Wives and Kids

Stats on police disciplinaries have uncovered over 2,000 data protection breaches since 2009, with some police using their privileged access to national databases to check out their partners and kids, and also giving out inappropriate case data on social networks. Read More >>

Google’s New Privacy Policy “Fails to Meet” EU Data Protection Rules

You must've been bombarded by emails and messages regarding Google's new privacy policy, which wraps up all its previous disclaimers into one supposedly simpler collection of guidelines. Problem is, it may not comply with EU data protection laws. Read More >>

How a Single Student Is Transforming Facebook’s Privacy Policy in Europe

To most people that know him, Max Schrems is a typical law student from Austria. To Facebook, he is a massive pain in the ass. Outsmarting their attorneys, bombarding them with legal complaints and forming activist groups, he plans to transform Facebook's privacy policy in Europe. Read More >>