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Fascinating New Map Shows UK House Prices By The Square Metre

A new map by dataviz whiz Anna Powell-Smith shows, for the first time, house prices in England and Wales by the square metre. Read More >>

Watch How Los Angeles Boomed Over 125 Years With This Gorgeous Map

Contrary to what New Yorkers would like to tell you, Los Angeles is bloody old. Older than the United States of America, in fact. And it’s easy to see just how old the city is with built:LA, an interactive map that colour-codes the age of over three million LA buildings.


Find the Perfect Laptop in This Comprehensive, Interactive Map

There are a lot of laptops out there. A lot. Too many to navigate easily. But this chart thrown together by Marek Gibney helps. It's called the Tourist Map of Laptops, and it can help you grok the whole wide range of available computers at least a little bit. Read More >>

365 Days of Weather in 35 Cities, all in a Single Beautiful Image

Next time your weather forecast predicts the blizzard of the century, you could gaze at this gorgeous weather visualisation and find where in the world you should be vacationing. (Spoiler: it's probably somewhere sunny like California.) The designers at Raureif, masterminds behind a successful weather app, have gone analogue—packing a whole year's worth of global weather into one amazing poster. Read More >>

This is What All the Gold in the World Looks Like – and it Doesn’t Look Like Much

Below is a 3D visualisation of the top government gold reserves stacked in 400-ounce (11.3kg) Gold bars, according to Demonocracy—a ranking headed by the United States, Germany and the International Monetary Fund. Read More >>

The World’s Biggest Coffee Drinkers, Visualised

If you think you drink a lot of coffee, think again. While over in the US they might pride themselves as being a nation fuelled by the stuff, it turns out that other countries beat it hands down. Read More >>

Which Superfoods Aren’t Actually Super At All?

It's way more fun to finish off a big bar of dark chocolate when you can convince yourself it's good for you. Because c'mon, science says so… in all those random studies you've seen floating around the internet… right? Well, surprise surprise, it turns out there are a load of false facts out there regarding the health benefits of your favourite treats. Read More >>

A Map of Where All Your Favourite Horror Movies Take Place

The monster in a horror movie is scary, sure. But an eerie setting is just as important. Fortunately just about anywhere can be freaky as hell when you're alone in the dark, but some places get more horror movie love than others. And this great map by the folks at Esri shows you the horrible hotspots. Read More >>

8 Horrible Data Visualisations That Make No Sense

Data visualisation can be a great way to drive numbers home and give them a visual weight mere statistics don't have. At least, that's what happens when they make sense. Sometimes visualisations are downright dumb and just make things worse. Like these, for instance. Read More >>

This Comprehensive Map Traces 463 of the Bible’s Major Contradictions

No matter what your beliefs, it's hard to deny that the era in which the Bible takes place was a more, uh, brutal time, filled with plagues, salt pillars, and excessive murders — plus plenty of conflicting moral diktats from the man himself. Now, one designer has built a handy map to help us navigate this roller coaster ride of a religious text. Read More >>

The Most Influential Movies of the Last Century According to Wikipedia

When it comes down to it, what makes a movie "good" is a matter of taste. Even bad movies have their fans. What makes a movie "influential" is a little easier to try and brute force. Especially when you have Wikipedia on your side. Read More >>