they call it global warming for a reason
New Climate Change Visualisation Presents Two Stark Choices For Our Future

Last year, a visualisation that turned data on our planet’s temperature into a gradient of colourful stripes made a splash by showing how severely the world has warmed to-date. Now, a new visualisation riffs on that by showing what the future holds depending on when and how fast humanity cuts its greenhouse gas emissions. And folks, the choice is pretty stark. Read More >>

Striking New Maps Show the Beauty of Earth’s Shadows

We are visual beings: Our perception of the world is intrinsically tied to our ability to perceive light. But what about the places where light doesn’t fall? Do places in shadow still encode information for the visual cortex to process? Can shadows actually tell us something meaningful about the landscapes they darken? Read More >>

Watch 35,000 Fishing Vessels Move Around the World in This Map

There are thousands of ships sailing the seas to catch the fish you eat, and now you can watch them sail the ocean in almost real-time on this interactive map. Read More >>

Our World Is Getting Hotter and This Visualisation Shows It

We just had the warmest August on record, which also tied last month for the warmest month ever recorded. But it’s the overall trend that’s truly scary, and now you can watch it unfold right before your eyes. Read More >>

star wars
Computer Analysis Reveals the Stunning Complexity of the Star Wars Expanded Universe

The Star Wars expanded universe is huge. Really huge. Like, you just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly huge it really is. To grasp the full extent of this hugeness, a team of data scientists used a new computer program to analyse it, revealing some unexpected things about the extended saga. Read More >>

Five Infographics That Actually Say Something

There's been a swift and concerted backlash against terms like "infographic," and for good reason. But that doesn't mean that there aren't data journalists and designers doing fantastic work—from The New York Times' Graphics Desk to National Geographic's design team. Read More >>

A Step by Step Walkthrough of the World’s First Great Infographic

Charles Joseph Minard's famous visual telling of Napoleon's 1812 invasion of Russia is one of the first great examples of an infographic, if a little intimidating at a glance. And this explanation by the folks at Numberphile really helps bring it home. Read More >>

The Relative Screen Resolutions of Your Favourite Devices in One Chart

The display on your phone is relatively tiny. But in pixels, it's friggin' huge. That's the beauty of high resolution. So how would that phone screen compare to your TV, or your tablet or your laptop if it was spread out to a similarly-sized screen? Doghouse Diaries made this graphic to show you, and it's kind of nuts. Read More >>

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42 Maps that Will Change How You Think About the World

Aside from just telling you where you are, or letting you point our where you want to be, maps can do a fantastic job of recontextualising everything you think you know about the world. You probably know that already, but here's a run down of maps that do it well. Read More >>

All Your Favourite NES Games in One Swirling Vortex of Nostalgia

Remember before video games had polygons? Or online play? Or more than just an 'A' and 'B' button? When ducks were hunted and princesses were in another castle? Well now you can stare into that cyclone of NES history with this tornado of video game days gone by from Pop Chart Labs. Read More >>

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All Hail Histomap: 4,000 Years of History in a Single Poster

What if you could capture the entire history of recorded human existence into one epic infographic for the ages? Crazy right? Back in the 1930s, a man named John B. Sparks tried—and The Vault recently dug up his attempt. It's called the Histomap, and it's still incredible nearly 100 years later, if just slightly out of date. Read More >>

The Most Influential Movies of the Last Century According to Wikipedia

When it comes down to it, what makes a movie "good" is a matter of taste. Even bad movies have their fans. What makes a movie "influential" is a little easier to try and brute force. Especially when you have Wikipedia on your side. Read More >>

Explore Twitter’s Hidden Landscape In These Gorgeous Interactive Maps

Twitter never tires of finding clever new ways to show off its mountains of tweets; but now it's going literal with actual mountains of tweets. Twitter's in-house data visualisation scientist Nicolas Belmonte put together these new, interactive, topographical maps of tweet history, and the result is a digital mountain range like you've never seen. Read More >>

Drool at this Chart of All the Glorious Superpowers You’ll Never Have

I don't have any superpowers. Neither do you. But we can both salivate with envy at all the marvelous flavors of superpowers we could have, if they were real. And to aid us in that noble pursuit, Pop Chart has put out their Giant-Size Omnibus of Superpowers, a (fairly) comprehensive menu of powers and their associated owners. Read More >>

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A Saturday’s Work at Gizmodo in Mouse Movement

While you folks are doing your Saturday thing and maybe checking out ol' Giz now and then, somebody's gotta write it. That somebody is me, and this is what it looks like. From a cursor's-eye perspective anyway. Read More >>