Brits Won’t Benefit From EU Roaming Caps Post-Brexit

Great news, everyone! The days of being too terrified to even use your phone as a clock when on holiday lest it cost you money are coming back, with the bureaucrats behind the EU's new total block on network roaming fees saying it WON'T automatically apply to travelling UK residents once the Brexit scenario is in place in 2019 or thereabouts. Read More >>

Teacher Abandons School 4G Network Block Idea

A headteacher at a school in North Yorkshire did a bit of reading up and thought she'd found a great way of ending social media bullying and the endless distraction of mobile phones on school time -- blocking the 4G network. Read More >>

Spotify Pays 0.00429p Per Stream

Think you're doing a good thing for your favourite artist by legitimately and legally listening to their latest release through a streaming service? Chances are it's not going to be contributing much to their drug/art/car kitty, or even paying for a coffee bean, as new analysis of the payouts of the major streaming providers show that Spotify is paying out as little as 0.00429p per stream. That's way less than the cost of a peanut. Read More >>

Google’s ‘Draco’ Compression For 3D Graphics Could Mean A Faster Future For VR And Games

Gruntier video cards. More powerful CPUs. Higher resolution displays. All this stuff is really important when it comes to enjoying quality 3D experiences, be it video games or virtual reality. But none of it matters if it takes 400 years to download those experiences. Hence why companies such as Google spend a lot of time researching new ways to compress data. Now Google has a new compression library for 3D models — called "Draco" — and it looks very promising. Read More >>

Striking New Maps Show the Beauty of Earth’s Shadows

We are visual beings: Our perception of the world is intrinsically tied to our ability to perceive light. But what about the places where light doesn’t fall? Do places in shadow still encode information for the visual cortex to process? Can shadows actually tell us something meaningful about the landscapes they darken? Read More >>

Government Looking at Automatically Blocking the Phones of Car Drivers

A report in The Times claims that the Department for Transport is trying to come up with a tech solution to the problem of distracted drivers texting while at the wheel, and are looking into solutions that could automatically block the features of phones while driving. Read More >>

Vodafone Takes Shine Off Data Rollover Launch With ‘Industry First’ Claim

UPDATE 15/12: Vodafone has been in touch, saying its rollover on data is a first on PAYG bundles. Read More >>

Google Will Tell You When to Stay at Home to Avoid the Black Friday Crowds

Google is attempting to advise shoppers where might be best to avoid if you don't want to get flattened by an obese 15-year-old running faster than he's ever run before with a PS4 Pro beneath one flabby arm and a Wi-Fi range extender under the other, as it's testing a system that tries to warn people when their intended shopping destinations are packed to bursting. Read More >>

Smartphone Upgrades Stolen Through Three Data Breach

Three executives are currently playing It's Alright on loop, as it's emerged that the company has suffered a data breach. The mobile operator says bank details haven’t been snatched, though other personal details including customers’ names and addresses have been accessed. Read More >>

KCL Bans Personal Backups, Suggests Counselling After Enormous Data Loss

In a move that won’t do the university’s image any favours, King’s College London management have decided that the best way to respond to a massive IT failure is by banning staff from taking practical action and instead pointing them towards a counsellor. Read More >>

WhatsApp and Facebook Temporarily Scrap UK Data Sharing Plans

Facing pressure from the Information Commissioner’s Office, Facebook and WhatsApp have suspended their data sharing plans in the UK. The two companies’ August announcement didn’t go down particularly well with app users, prompting fears about what exactly their WhatsApp data would be used for. Read More >>

Virgin Media Finally Does 4G

Virgin Media has launched a new range of 4G SIMs, with the interesting thing for data-Scrooges being the ability to roll over unused data from month to month. Read More >>

Tinder Somehow Found a Way to Be Even Creepier

Tinder, with its data-driven approach to romance, has always had a slightly creepy feel — it’s basically just a game to win, after all. But now, with a new feature called Smart Photos, the app has gone one step further in turning its users into human guinea pigs whose every swipe is catalogued and carefully tracked. Read More >>

People Are Sick of Being Told to Change Their Passwords

We're a world that's had enough of being told what to do, particularly when it comes to endless advice to change passwords to keep our stuff secure. We're so bored, in fact, that when experts tell us to do it we don't bother. Making it worse. Read More >>