Sky Mobile is Giving All of its Customers Free Unlimited Data This Weekend

To celebrate its one million customer milestone, Sky Mobile is giving away free unlimited mobile data this weekend so you can stream as much HD porn as you like without eating into your data. Read More >>

Apple’s Newest Luxury Product Is Privacy

Apple wants to sell you all kinds of new services: music, magazines, a TV show about the Russians landing on the Moon first. But with the announcement of iOS 13, it looks like the company is turning one of its classic features into a service all its own. Next-level privacy is about to be the best thing you get by paying the Apple tax. Read More >>

There May Soon be a Nationwide App for Car Parking Spaces

A little tech thing with potentially amazing consequences is about to kick in in some council offices around the country, with a handful of our regional administrators offering their car parking data in one unified "parking language" format. This could mean it'll be possible to browse available car parking spaces in towns you're nowhere near. How exciting does that sound? I know. I know. Yes, I know. I know. Read More >>

Google Introduces New Feature to Auto-Delete Your Location and Activity Data

Knowing that our apps gather boatloads of information about us – some for years – can be unsettling. Google’s various apps are chief among these, and the company said it has heard user requests to make managing their data a simpler process. The company announced Wednesday that it’s rolling out a new feature to allow users to auto-delete their location and activity data after 3 or 18 months. Read More >>

The EU is Set to Create One of Earth’s Biggest Biometric Databases

The European Parliament has voted by a significant margin to streamline its systems for managing everything from travel to border security by amassing an enormous information database that will include biometric data and facial images – an issue that has raised significant alarm among privacy advocates. Read More >>

Revealed: The Hidden Geography of London’s Cycle Hire Scheme

London’s Cycle Hire bikes are one of the best things to happen to London in the 21st century. Since launching in July 2010, they have transformed mobility for millions of people: no more squeezing onto crowded buses or descending into the depths of the tube – you can breeze through central London, and arrive at work with a sense of joy rather than with your spirit crushed. Read More >>

BMW Drivers Are Owed An Apology – Data Reveals Saab Drivers Are The Absolute Worst for Clampings

BMW drivers are the absolute worst, right? Well, maybe not – if you accept the findings of Gizmodo UK’s important data-driven study. Read More >>

privacy and security
Tesla Hacking Report Is a Good Reminder of the Risks of Stored Data

It can be easy to forget how much personal data we share with the various technologies geared at streamlining our lives, be they voice assistants, smart home devices, or the phones we carry with us virtually everywhere. And if you own a car, that may go for your ride too. Read More >>

data privacy
Researchers Create Fake Profiles on 24 Health Apps and Learn Most Are Sharing Your Data

Using apps to keep track of your medication or look up the symptoms of your latest mysterious illness might be convenient. But a new study out this week highlights the hidden privacy risks of plugging sensitive health information into your smartphone. Namely, that medical apps love to collect your data, but are only sometimes upfront about what they’re doing with it and with whom they’re sharing it. Read More >>

It’s Scary How Much Personal Data People Leave on Used Laptops and Phones

In a dusty plastic bin under my bed lies at least four laptops, six cellphones, and a half-dozen hard drives. I have no idea what’s on any of them. Most of these devices predate the cloud-storage era, and so likely contain solitary copies of photos, texts, and emails, among other confidential files (porn?) that I’d probably be horrified to learn had fallen into the hands of strangers. Read More >>

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MySpace Loses Everyone’s Embarrassing Old Photos

MySpace, the ancient social network that was about music and bands instead of social radicalisation and death threats, claims to have "accidentally" deleted a vast chunk of legacy content. In short, you can stop worrying that perhaps you need to go back there and remove the fan art of the Stereophonics that the younger you may have drawn and uploaded. Read More >>

iD Mobile Offers up to 50GB Extra Data to Stop You Going Over

According to iD Mobile -- Carphone Warehouse's own phone network -- more than a quarter of mobile phone users go over their data allowance every month. Which might explain why our price per MB average is so high. Read More >>

US Police Officer Used Police Database to Creep on Over 100 Women, Investigation Finds

After a woman in Florida experienced a “chance brief encounter” with a police officer in a parking garage last year, authorities say the officer showed up at her parents house in an effort to see her again. The woman then filed a complaint, and the department says it discovered the officer had been misusing a police database to target women to date and have sex with for years. Read More >>

Mobile Data Costs a Fortune in the UK, New Study Shows

A direct comparison of mobile phone data prices across 230 countries has shown that the UK comes a deeply depressing 136th. That's right, we're in the bottom half in the whole world. Woohoo! Read More >>

More Internal Facebook Documents Leak Online, Revealing How Facebook Planned to Sell User Data

At the end of 2018, in a dramatic series of events, lawmakers in England had a sergeant-at-arms storm to an American tech executive’s hotel room and insisted on the release of confidential documents from his company’s ongoing lawsuit against Facebook. Then, in the style of vigilante hackers, the lawmakers posted many of those court-sealed records, exposing hundreds of pages of internal Facebook emails and revealing how the company actually feels about issues like user privacy. Read More >>