Nine Things Google Searches Tell Us About the 2019 General Election

The election is now just one day away and while pollsters have been trying hard to fix the problems that failed to spot the winners in 2015, 2016 and 2017, the companies involved reckon they have it licked this time. Read More >>

Huawei May Yet Get Booted Out of the UK’s 5G Market

The mood in various high security rooms around the world appears to be swinging against Huawei once more, as renewed international pressure to get the Chinese firm locked out of future 5G network builds seems to be paying off. Read More >>

Stop Using Avast and AVG Plugins Right Now

Two browsers have yanked Avast and AVG online security extensions from their web stores after a report revealed that they were unnecessarily sucking up a tonne of data about users’ browsing history. Read More >>

Facebook Under Scrutiny From EU Antitrust Regulators

Facebook joins Google under the European Commission's microscope for the way it handles data. Read More >>

Google Reportedly Amassed Private Health Data on Millions of People Without Their Knowledge

Google has tapped a partnership with a prominent healthcare services company to advance its healthcare software services offerings. But a new report alleges the data being used for the project comes from the health records of tens of millions of people who have no idea their data is being used by Google for this purpose. Read More >>

The Case for Storing Humanity’s Most Important Data on Glass Drink Coasters

It sounds a bit ridiculous at first. Dozens of gigabytes of data can now be encoded on a virtually indestructible glass hard drive that’s the size and shape of a drink coaster. Microsoft just revealed a proof of concept. It’s a thin square of glass that’s been laser-etched with microscopic geometric shapes called “voxels” that contain a combined 75.6 gigabytes of data, which contains the 1978 film Superman in its entirety. The announcement is a publicity stunt, sure, but the idea of storing our most important data on slices of glass is undeniably poignant – and practical. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Agree on Mast Sharing to Patch-Up Rural Coverage

The big UK mobile networks have agreed on a joint plan of action to tackle some of the poorest rural connection not-spots and only-if-you-stand-there-spots, and are creating – with the promise of £1bn of new-ish money from various sources including the government – a Shared Rural Network to allow roaming for subscribers currently lumbered with only one half decent mast gently microwaving to their turf. Read More >>

Anti-5G Protesters Suspected of Torching Their Local Phone Mast

The local MP for the Welsh constituency of Rhondda has blamed anti-connectivity protesters for taking out one of his region's phone masts, with the EE/BT tower serving Porth destroyed by an arson attack at the end of September. Read More >>

These Weirdos Think Not Having a Phone Signal is a Good Thing

One particular farm in South Ayrshire is campaigning to become the country's first official "offline black spot," and is petitioning the council to have requests to build phone masts that may connect its land refused. Read More >>

MPs Have Been Getting a Shit-Tonne More Sweary on Twitter

Politics is a rough old game. One moment you’re prime minister, blithely waffling on outside the famous black door, the next you’re howling with laughter on the backbenches as your successor manages the implausible feat of making you look like an absolute Commons-bestriding colossus.  Read More >>

Airbus Is Testing New System to Collect Data on Everything You Do Onboard Its Flights

Your flight could soon be keeping tabs on everything from your preferences for in-flight snacks to the length of your bathroom trips. Read More >>

Exposed Server Contained Phone Numbers of Hundreds of Millions of Facebook Users

Facebook is staring down yet another security blunder, this time with an incident involving an exposed server containing hundreds of millions of phone numbers that were previously associated with accounts on its platform. Read More >>

YouTube Decides It’s a Good Time to Get Its Shit Together

Following the fiasco over YouTube’s serving ads to kids, the company may be readying to end targeted ads on videos aimed at children – a move that, when taken together with other recent measures, would indicate that at least on some fronts, YouTube is getting its shit together. Read More >>

Facebook Begins Rolling Out New Tool to See Which of Its Data Pals Are Monitoring You

As Facebook works to undo the damage of years of user data scandals – ostensibly with an overhauled focus on “privacy,” or something – part of that effort has involved rolling out features geared at greater transparency that, quite frankly, should have been introduced years ago. But here we are. Read More >>