Finally You Can Watch Blue Planet 2 in 4K UHD with HDR – Thanks To BBC iPlayer

If you're anything like me, then every Sunday for the past six weeks, you've stared in awe at your TV screen as David Attenborough narrates some of the most extraordinary nature footage ever shot. From the disgusting, creepy starfish, to the disgusting, creepy octopuses, man alive, it turns out that nature is a horrifying cycle of death and misery for most creatures. Read More >>

David Attenborough Is Being Turned Into A Hologram

Great news for anyone worried by the fact that Sir David Attenborough is 90, as Sky has announced plans to turn the world's greatest natural history broadcaster into a virtual reality hologram. Read More >>

BBC Blue Planet Is Back For 2017 – And So Is David Attenborough

After a 16-year wait, the sequel to 2001's The Blue Planet will be coming to BBC One later this year. Originally announced as 'Ocean,' the BBC's seven-part series will in fact be called Blue Planet 2. Read More >>

Supermarkets May Introduce “Plastic-Free” Aisles

Around 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year, and every year, 8 million tonnes end up in the ocean. You've probably seen the adverts and the documentaries: dead sea-birds cut open to reveal loads of tiny pieces of plastic in their stomachs, seals with six-pack rings around their necks, and that huge floating trash island in the Pacific. Read More >>

bird law
Watch How High These Crazy Birds Have to Jump to Get Laid

The next time you get rejected, thank your lucky stars you’re not a male widowbird, the poor creature who has to jump really high for a long time just to get a little bit of attention and, if all goes according to plan, some action. Read More >>

Planet Earth 2 is More Real Than You Realise: We Speak to Producers to Find Out how It’s Made

Back in 2011, BBC's Frozen Planet documentary attracted controversy after using 'fake' shots of a polar bear and its cubs that were actually filmed in a zoo. The BBC explained how they got the footage in a behind the scenes video on the Frozen Planet website and denied misleading the audience. Read More >>

2016 Ends With a Plague of Locusts, But At Least Planet Earth Were There To Film Them

Ah, 2016, you've been pretty hideous all things considered. So it is perhaps only fitting that the year is more or less ending with a plague of locusts, on a pretty much Biblical scale. Read More >>

The Most Insane Moments in Last Night’s Planet Earth 2 Episode 2, “Mountains”

Last week we couldn't resist sharing with you some of the most brutal moments from the first episode of Planet Earth 2, the BBC's astonishing new nature series. And it appears that the spectre of death resonated with our readers. so we wanted to do the same this week. Read More >>

planet earth ii
Sloths are Amazingly Fast Swimmers When They’re Chasing Sex

Sunday night was the first episode of Planet Earth II, hosted by universally beloved nonagenarian David Attenborough. The six-episode series was filmed in 40 countries over three years, and whatever it cost, it was worth every god damn penny. Read More >>

Newly Discovered “Mini Marsupial Lion” Named After David Attenborough

Australian scientists have named a newly discovered species of tiny marsupial lion after Sir David Attenborough. Read More >>

A New Petition’s Calling for Sir David Attenborough to be Renamed Boaty McBoatface

Gary Jackson, we salute you. Following the gut-wrenching news that the UK’s new £200 million polar research ship will be named RRS Sir David Attenborough rather than Boaty McBoatface -- Solon and Pericles would be ashamed -- he’s set up a new petition calling for everyone’s favourite naturalist to change his name. Read More >>

Gizmodo’s Top TV for Christmas 2014: Doctor Who, Black Mirror, Top Gear and More

Christmas TV, that greatest of slobbish seasonal traditions, vegging out in front of the telly, beer in hand while the in-laws squabble and the kids get high on the smell of brand new toys. But every blockbuster premier or thoughtful Christmas special there’s a Queen’s Speech, soap-opera meltdown or – God forbid – Hootenanny. Read More >>

David Attenborough Points His 3D Binoculars at Birds, for Sky’s Christmas Special

David Attenborough still hasn't got bored of looking at animals yet, with his latest quest Conquest Of The Skies 3D set to launch on Sky this Christmas. Read More >>

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Sir David Attenborough Can Even Make a Clip of a Shoe-Humping Turtle Sound Exotic

It seems there's just no end to the magic and magnificence a voiceover by Sir David Attenborough can bestow on a film, even if it's just a crummy YouTube clip of a poor, desperate turtle. Read More >>

David Attenborough Is Eyeing Up Plants as His Next 3D Target

The legend that is Sir David Attenborough is a pioneering soul, and he believes that nature in 3D is the future. To start, he's just given a bunch of plants the 3D treatment, because it's a heck of a lot easier to film plants than it is animals with a hulking great 3D camera set-up. With the magic of timelapse, you'll apparently get to see mice eating plants and all manner of strange going-ons, but there's a catch. Read More >>