The Next David Attenborough Series is a BBC/Netflix Team-up Called ‘Life in Colour’

When he's not lending his name to research vessels, or creating VR experiences for the Natural History Museum, David Attenborough's favourite thing to do seems to be narrating nature documentaries. As we all know he's contributed to countless numbers of documentary series about the natural world, and now there's another one on the way that's being developed as part of a team-up between the BBC and Netflix. Read More >>

David Attenborough is Looking for a DJ to Turn His Field Recordings Into a Club Worthy Hit

Sir David Attenborough is looking for a DJ to turn a three-minute recording of Indonesian style gamelan music captured in Bali 60 years ago into a dance track. Read More >>

BBC’s New ‘Green Planet’ Will Be ‘Blue Planet’ For Plants

Blue Planet had us all ditching the plastic in droves. Dynasties had us thinking about animals in amazing new ways. And now a new BBC series hopes to make us feel things about plants. Read More >>

David Attenborough Christmas Jumpers Are A Thing Now

If you haven't had enough of Sir David Attenborough yet (and we certainly haven't) with his current BBC series, upcoming Netflix series and bid for Christmas number one, we've got another string to add to his very accomplished bow: a Christmas jumper. Read More >>

Sir David Attenborough Might Be Christmas Number 1

The Christmas number one single isn't as much of a big deal in these post-X-Factor days, especially since Rage Against The Machine got to the top spot in 2009 (was that really nine years ago?!) and basically ended the whole shebang. Read More >>

Doctor Who Moves Time and Space to Accommodate Sir David Attenborough

Who'd win in a time-based battle: the Doctor, or Sir David Attenborough? Read More >>

Sir David Attenborough Has A New Netflix Documentary On The Way

Officially the scariest thing that can happen to any Brit is to see David Attenborough trending on Twitter, but thankfully it's good news today: our favourite nature-botherer has an eight-part series coming to Netflix next year. Read More >>

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New VR Experience Lets You Enjoy the Natural History Museum With an Attenborough-Shaped Teacher

If you're heading to a museum, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy the exhibits. You can meander around the building looking at whatever takes your fancy, get an audio guide to walk you round, tag along with a tour guide, or have David Attenborough himself show you a bit of what's on offer. Wait, what? Read More >>

David Attenborough is Heading to Yorkshire to Open Jurassic Exhibition

It's not quite the same one as in the movies, but Yorkshire is getting its own Jurassic World — and nature documentary legend David Attenborough is heading up to officially open it. Read More >>

Finally You Can Watch Blue Planet 2 in 4K UHD with HDR – Thanks To BBC iPlayer

If you're anything like me, then every Sunday for the past six weeks, you've stared in awe at your TV screen as David Attenborough narrates some of the most extraordinary nature footage ever shot. From the disgusting, creepy starfish, to the disgusting, creepy octopuses, man alive, it turns out that nature is a horrifying cycle of death and misery for most creatures. Read More >>

David Attenborough Is Being Turned Into A Hologram

Great news for anyone worried by the fact that Sir David Attenborough is 90, as Sky has announced plans to turn the world's greatest natural history broadcaster into a virtual reality hologram. Read More >>

BBC Blue Planet Is Back For 2017 – And So Is David Attenborough

After a 16-year wait, the sequel to 2001's The Blue Planet will be coming to BBC One later this year. Originally announced as 'Ocean,' the BBC's seven-part series will in fact be called Blue Planet 2. Read More >>

Supermarkets May Introduce “Plastic-Free” Aisles

Around 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year, and every year, 8 million tonnes end up in the ocean. You've probably seen the adverts and the documentaries: dead sea-birds cut open to reveal loads of tiny pieces of plastic in their stomachs, seals with six-pack rings around their necks, and that huge floating trash island in the Pacific. Read More >>

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Watch How High These Crazy Birds Have to Jump to Get Laid

The next time you get rejected, thank your lucky stars you’re not a male widowbird, the poor creature who has to jump really high for a long time just to get a little bit of attention and, if all goes according to plan, some action. Read More >>

Planet Earth 2 is More Real Than You Realise: We Speak to Producers to Find Out how It’s Made

Back in 2011, BBC's Frozen Planet documentary attracted controversy after using 'fake' shots of a polar bear and its cubs that were actually filmed in a zoo. The BBC explained how they got the footage in a behind the scenes video on the Frozen Planet website and denied misleading the audience. Read More >>