Fan Unearths Footage From David Bowie’s 1972 Ziggy Stardust TV Debut—But Can Technicians Restore It?

In June 1972, David Bowie made his debut as Ziggy Stardust on British TV show Lift Off with Ayshea, but years later a technician accidentally wiped the only known footage of the performance instead of converting it to digital. Audio of the show is available online, but a video archive of the iconic moment was seemingly lost in time. On Tuesday, however, it was revealed that a fan had recorded Bowie’s appearance with a home video recorder. And if we’re lucky, it may even appear in a BBC documentary next month. Read More >>

‘ZiggyZag’ Campaign Seeks To Put Giant Bowie Memorial In Brixton

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched aiming to put a huge memorial sculpture to David Bowie in Brixton, where he was born. Read More >>

Watching David Bowie Argue With Paxman About the Future of the Internet Is Beautiful

In 1999, Davide Bowie sat down for a TV interview with the BBC's Jeremy Paxman. Bowie explains that if he were a kid of the 1990s he wouldn’t have become a pop star. Instead, Bowie probably would’ve become obsessed with the internet. Why? According to Bowie, that’s where the potentially interesting—chaotic, nihilistic, and truly rebellious—stuff was really happening. Read More >>

2016 Really Was The Worst Year For Famous People Dying – Here’s The Data That Proves It

2016 was not a good year to be a celebrity. At points it felt like every day we were losing a beloved famous name, from David Bowie on January 10th all the way through to Carrie Fisher and her mother at the end of December. “Damn you 2016!” became the cry of despair from all of us, as it felt like too many of our heroes were leaving us. Read More >>

Is 2016 Really a Bizarrely Bad Year for Celebrity Deaths? Here’s the Data to Prove It

2016 has not been a good year to be a celebrity. Since the start of the year it has felt like every few days we lose another big name. David Bowie died on January 10th, and Alan Rickman followed him less than a week later. Since, we’ve lost Terry Wogan, Keith Emerson, Sir George Martin, Nancy Reagan, Ronnie Corbett, Victoria Wood and most recently Prince, and countless others. Even Admiral Ackbar himself, Erik Bauersfeld, passed away. It makes you wonder… is there something weird going on? Read More >>

David Bowie’s Blackstar LP Does Amazing Things When it Sees the Sun

David Bowie’s hauntingly beautiful Blackstar was the artist’s final gift to us all, shortly before he died early this year. But as it turns out, there was one final surprise hidden in the gatefold cover of his last LP. Read More >>

Relax Bowie Fans, Nobody’s Doing a Modern Reboot of Labyrinth

Guardians of the Galaxy screenwriter Nicole Perlman has denied being involved in any sort of reboot of cult classic Labyrinth, having branded the original ‘perfect’. Though the 1986 fantasy/musical/adventure movie didn't do so well at the box office, it’s gained a cult following in the years since, being particularly close to David Bowie -- aka the iconic Jareth the Goblin King -- fans’ hearts. Read More >>

RIP David Bowie, The Man Who Changed Science Fiction

David Bowie, who has died of cancer aged 69, had an incalculable impact on pop culture throughout his shape-shifting career. But perhaps more than any other musician, he also had a tremendous impact on science fiction. He changed the way we thought about the alien, the uncanny, and the familiar. Read More >>

David Bowie, RIP

David Bowie has died at the age of 69 following a battle with cancer. Read More >>

David Bowie’s New Video is 10 Minutes of Sci-Fi Creepiness

The music video for David Bowie’s latest track, Blackstar, has landed. Read More >>

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Chris Hadfield’s Space Oddity is Back on YouTube at Bowie’s Say-So

Back in 2014, Canadian Chris Hadfield posted a wonderful rendition of David Bowie's Space Oddity to YouTube—though it was later removed because of a lack of permissions. Now, David Bowie has given the go ahead for it to be online once more. Read More >>

Adam Buxton Imagines the Heady Recording Session of a David Bowie Track

Pre-internet era viral TV expert Adam Buxton has voiced this bizarre clip, which purports to show the scenes surrounding the recording of Bowie track Warszawa. Read More >>

Today is Your Last Chance to Watch NASA’s Space Oddity Recorded in Space

A year ago, Col. Chris Hadfield posted a stirring home-brew video of him performing David Bowie's Space Oddity—while afloat in the International Space Station. For copyright reasons, today's your last chance to watch the video. 22 million views later. Sheesh. Read More >>

David Bowie Actually Moonlights as Every Metal Gear Solid Character Ever

Over the weekend, Reddit user tehaveragejoel found the spare time to make this eye-opening picture: when you lay David Bowie's mug (with a few of his many, many hair variations) next to each Metal Gear Solid , there's a fairly uncanny resemblance. Read More >>