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Silly Short Re-Imagines How Day Turns Into Night

Sure, we could blame the darkness of the night on the Earth’s rotation and the Sun and no more daylight savings time but where’s the fun in that? It’s much goofier to imagine a comically big space being called Mr. Night running around the neighbourhood turning everything dark with the touch of his finger. Imagine if you had the power to change anything with just a snap; that’s what Mr. Night does every day to turn day into night. Read More >>

How to Eliminate Your Ex From Your Facebook Timeline With Just a Few Clicks

Valentine's Day is done and dusted, which means everything could be terrible, if you stuffed up last night or something. But things might get just a tiny bit better with a new app that 'Eternal Sunshines' your Facebook timeline of your former ex quickly so you never have to worry about running into them again. Read More >>

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Why There Are 24 Hours in a Day

We live in a base-10 world. The decimal system governs everything from the binary functions of computers to the amount of change you get when you buy a Mashed Potato Slurpee. So why isn't the standard Earth day just 10 hours long? Credit the Egyptians for that one. Read More >>