BBC Decides VR is Dead Too

The BBC, at the end of a very long post about how committed it has been to VR productions, has said it is abandoning VR productions, with its in-house VR Hub to close this year after one final launch. Read More >>

Lenovo Made a Souped Up Oculus Go That’s Missing Just One Key Feature

Less than a week has passed since the first standalone VR headset was released, and already we have another. Except this one is made by Lenovo in partnership with Google and uses the Daydream VR platform. Like the Oculus Go, Lenovo’s Mirage Solo don’t need no phone or a wire connected to a nearby PC to transport you to other worlds. Everything you need comes built into the goggles. Read More >>

Google Daydream vs Samsung Gear VR: Which Mobile VR Platform is Best?

Getting a premium VR headset is a pricey endeavour, and even the relatively cheap PSVR requires a minimum of £550 to get the most basic experience. But there are other systems capable of using your smartphone, that thing you use every single day, to offer a VR experience. It's nowhere near as impressive as the uber-expensive stuff, but it's also a darn sight cheaper. The only question is, which platform is best? Read More >>

Google’s VR Headset Is So Comfortable I Never Want to Take It Off

It isn’t the games that really wow me when I slip on the Daydream View VR headset. It isn’t the worlds that the Google Maps app allow me to visit. It isn’t even the immediate sensation of wonder that VR still instills me. It’s how comfortable the headset is. Read More >>

Google’s Daydream View is a Soft and Light VR Headset

After years of leading the way on cheap virtual reality, Google finally has a headset of its own. The search giant announced its first Daydream-ready VR headset — Daydream View — which is essentially a headset that turns your Google Phone into a virtual reality dream. Read More >>

Daydream Is Google’s Plan to Conquer Virtual Reality With Android

After years of dabbling, Google is getting serious about VR. Meet Daydream, Google’ three-part plan to take the world of VR by storm with Android. Read More >>