Shazam’s Greatest Message Is About Growing From Forgiveness

Billy Batson being an orphan is a central part of his heroic origin story, which factors into the inherent goodness that makes him worthy of becoming Shazam. Golden Age Captain Marvel comics established that even without a traditional nuclear family or the influence of adult role models in his life, Billy was ready to be, and capable of becoming, a powerful, self-sufficient person. Read More >>

Game of Thrones’ Iain Glen Has Been Cast as Bruce Wayne (on Titans)

After Westeros, Jorah Mormont is heading to Gotham City. Read More >>

The Shazam Sequel is Officially in the Works

Mere hours after Shazam handily won the box office on its opening weekend, news about a sequel has already started to break. Read More >>

DC Universe Confirms Superboy’s Casting on Titans

We already knew DC Universe’s Titans was getting a second season. And, if you watched the entire finale episode of season one, you already had a very good idea of at least one new character joining the ensemble. Now, it’s confirmed, with a casting announcement for Superboy. Read More >>

Ezra Miller Still Thinks the Flash Movie Will Connect the ‘Disparate Pieces’ of the DC Film Universe

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much about the Flash movie, set to star Ezra Miller as the speedster, reprising his role from Justice League. As the ongoing cohesion of the universe has sort of fallen to the wayside, the film, too, has shifted out of the spotlight, with much more attention placed on Aquaman and the in-production Birds of Prey. Read More >>

Report: Jared Leto’s Time as the Joker May Soon Be Over

Hello, dear connoisseurs of fine cinema! Time for a pop quiz. Without looking up the answer, how many Joker-centric spinoff films were Warner Bros. and DC planning to release in the near future, and how many of them were set to star consummate professional Jared Leto? The answer was always perplexing, but according to a new report, it might be on the cusp of changing drastically. Read More >>

Aquaman 2 Just Caught Itself a Screenwriter

Before James Wan commits to directing a sequel to his billion dollar hit Aquaman, he’s going to have to see a script. And that script now has a writer. Read More >>

David Mazouz Will Become Batman Before Gotham Ends, But He Won’t be the One in the Batsuit

We’ve known for a while that, as Gotham draws its batshit bonkers story to a close, we will finally see Bruce Wayne become Batman. But while the character will indeed don the Dark Knight’s iconic costume, the teenage actor playing him won’t. Read More >>

Jim Lee Takes Aquaman’s Black Manta and Brings Him Back to the Page

The design for Black Manta in the Aquaman movie was, especially for comics films, remarkably close to his drawn counterpart, capturing his silhouette and outfit rather effectively. Even still, it’s neat to see Jim Lee take that design and turn it back into a piece of comic book art. Read More >>

Three DC Movies Are Coming Summer 2021, Including The Batman Without Ben Affleck

The next Batman movie has its release date: June 25, 2021. And the franchise is saying goodbye to Ben Affleck. Read More >>

How Zachary Levi’s Run-ins With Marvel Helped Him Become Shazam

Zachary Levi believes he wouldn’t be DC’s Shazam without not one, but two assists from Marvel. Read More >>

Westworld’s Leonardo Nam Cast in Important Swamp Thing Role

Our vision of the marshes is slowly, slowly becoming clearer. Read More >>

The Writer of Birds of Prey and Batgirl Told Us Her DC Origin Story

Batman is the entry point into DC for lots of people. However, screenwriter Christina Hodson also credits another superhero: Margot Robbie. Read More >>