One of Titans’ Coolest Gadgets Is Actually a Real Tablet

Because Batman and Robin don’t have any actual superpowers aside from access to the Wayne estate’s inordinate amount of wealth, they’ve always relied on cutting-edge technology to go toe to toe with all manner of supervillains. While still this is very much the case in DC Universe’s Titans, one of the Boy Wonder’s most powerful pieces of kit is actually something you can probably get your hands on if you know where to look. Read More >>

DC Comics’ Publishers Talk About the Controversy Around Batman #50 and Much More

The DC Universe is expanding, in both the fictional and real worlds. We recently spoke to co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee about what fans can expect in the near future. Read More >>

The DC Universe Streaming Service Is Priced to Take on Netflix

One of the biggest questions people have had about DC’s upcoming streaming platform DC Universe is how much accessing the service would cost. Given that DC Universe is a big part of the publisher’s plans to create new fans, it needed to be priced competitively in order to get people to stick. From the looks of it, DC understands that fact. Read More >>

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The First Titans Trailer Is a Brutal Introduction to Another Very Dark DC Universe

If you’ve ever wanted to hear Robin say “Fuck Batman” before knocking the hell out of and killing a couple of street-level criminals, then allow us to show you the very first trailer for DC Universe’s upcoming live-action Titans series. Suffice to say that Teen Titans Go!, this is not. Read More >>