Sideshow’s Imposing Doomsday Statue is Ready to Kill Every Superman on Your Toy Shelf

Superman lives, but maybe not for long if this incredible Doomsday statue has anything to say about it. Read More >>

DC Doesn’t Know What to Do With Cyborg

If you were to ask a casual comic book fan who the usual members of the Justice League are, you’d probably hear the standards: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, the Martian, the fish dude, etc. But for the past few years, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have been heavy-handedly trying to turn Cyborg into a core member of the League in a way that’s both narratively weird and optically questionable. Read More >>

Barry Allen is Getting a New Suit in The Flash’s Fifth Season, Here’s Our First Look

Barry Allen’s look in the fifth season of The Flash is maybe the most comic-book faithful yet. Read More >>

Warner Bros. is Finally Realising Supergirl Should Be the Centre of the DC Universe

Supergirl was a joke. Until about 15 years ago she was memorable mainly for her campy ‘80s movie and that time she died in that comics, possibly because her campy ‘80s movie was so bad. Yet as the Supergirl series continues to be popular on the CW, the DC movieverse’s Superman is in limbo, and a new Supergirl film is beginning to take shape, it seems like Warner Bros. is finally picking up on the fact that Supergirl, not Superman, best embodies the 80-plus years of Super mythos. Read More >>

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Is Basically a PG, Animated Deadpool

As someone who’d never watched any of the various Teen Titans animated series, I had no idea what to expect sitting down for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Was this going to be a film made only for kids? Would it warrant its cinematic release? How funny or clever could it really be? The answers were both quick and gratifying. Read More >>

Batman: The Animated Series Finally Comes to Blu-Ray This October

We’ve known for a while that a full HD remaster of the iconic ‘90s Batman cartoon was on the way. But now, we know when one of the most beloved takes on the Dark Knight will be available in high-definition for the first time: 16 October. Read More >>

The Death of Superman Movie Changes Up a Classic DC Comics Story Just Enough to Work

The Man of Steel still dies in the new Death of Superman animated movie. The biggest surprise in the film is how he lives his life before Doomsday takes him out. Read More >>

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Adds New Regulars and Looks Hell-a Good in the First Season 4 Trailer

If you thought the Legends had screwed up time before, well now they’ve really gone and done it. The first trailer for the fourth season of The CW’sLegends of Tomorrow has arrived via Comic-Con, and John Constantine (Matt Ryan) is here to help our favourite not-losers take on the magic kingdom. Read More >>

We Saw the First, Very Playful, Footage of Wonder Woman 1984 at Comic-Con

As part of their massive Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, Warner Bros. revealed a first look at the still in production Wonder Woman 1984. It’s unfortunately not going online but we were there and can tell you all about it. Read More >>

The Next DC Universe Streaming Show Is Stargirl

Thought that Titans trailer was the only DC Universe show we’d be hearing about today? Think again: Geoff Johns just revealed one of his myriad upcoming projects is a show based around Justice Society of America superhero Stargirl. Read More >>

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The First Titans Trailer Is a Brutal Introduction to Another Very Dark DC Universe

If you’ve ever wanted to hear Robin say “Fuck Batman” before knocking the hell out of and killing a couple of street-level criminals, then allow us to show you the very first trailer for DC Universe’s upcoming live-action Titans series. Suffice to say that Teen Titans Go!, this is not. Read More >>

Here’s the First Lego Set Tying into the Aquaman Movie

It's easy to forget that there's an Aquaman movie arriving at the end of this year. For one we haven't even seen a single trailer, and two most people don't care about Aquaman and consider him a joke character - something Justice League did very little to try and fix. But it's coming in December, and with San Diego Comic Con starting up we have our first look at the film's first tie-in Lego set. Read More >>

The Weirdest and Most Wonderful Alternate Dimensions in the Marvel and DC Universes

Comics are filled with alternate realities — that’s why they call them multiverses, after all. While strange, most of these worlds are just variations of the primary universe, where Superman landed in Russia instead of America, or the radioactive spider bit Gwen Stacy, and so on. But underneath all those realities lies an altogether weirder set of alternate dimensions for heroes to visit, get stuck in, or be freaked out about. Here are our favourites from DC Comics and Marvel’s lengthy history. Read More >>

The New DC Universe Streaming Service Will Bundle Superhero Comics and TV Shows All in One Place

As more and more people have begun reading comics digitally, DC’s fans have been wondering when (if ever) the publisher was going to get in on the all-you-can-read subscription service game much in the same way that Marvel has. As it turns out, that time is now. Read More >>

Here’s Your First Look at Wonder Woman in Her 1984 Outfit

Principle shooting has recently begun on Wonder Woman 1984, which means visuals are starting to trickle out. Here’s an exciting one for us, courtesy of Gal Gadot herself: Diana in her full costume, in all the glory and glitz of the 1980s. Read More >>