Wonder Woman 1984 Is a Sequel, How Is This Even a Question?

We haven’t heard much about Wonder Woman 1984 since it wrapped production last December. To be fair, the release date was pushed back from November 1, 2019 to June 5, 2020, so we’ve got a lot of time to go still. What we do know about the project is it will feature Gal Gadot once again as Diana/Wonder Woman, a returning Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva (aka Cheetah), and Pedro Pascal as a yet-to-be-revealed character (my best guesses are Maxwell Lord or Glorious Godfrey). Read More >>

The First Reactions to Shazam Signal Another Win for DC

The next film in the DC Universe, Shazam, won’t open until April 5, but Warner Bros. decided to show it to critics early. Why? To hopefully build some buzz and anticipation for the film using social media. It’s a gamble, to be sure—but judging from a large majority of the reactions, it’s a gamble that paid off. Read More >>

Arrow Will End After 8 Seasons This Autumn

It’s the end of a massive era in superhero TV: The Emerald Archer is hanging up his bow. Read More >>

Idris Elba Is Replacing Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad 2

The future of James Gunn’s Suicide Squad just keeps getting more and more interesting. After reports that Margot Robbie might be reprising her role as Harley Quinn in the film—despite the fact that she’s got a perfectly solid new jumping-off point in Birds of Prey—and that Will Smith would not be reprising his role as Deadshot, Warner Bros. has made an interesting announcement. Read More >>

Batman Makes a Soft Cameo in the Latest Shazam! Trailer

It’s a very interesting time for Batman in Warner Bros. and DC’s big-budget, live-action movies. Batfleck is no more, and as it stands now, the upcoming Batman solo movie has yet to find its titular hero, but that doesn’t mean the DCEU doesn’t already have another Dark Knight waiting in the wings. Read More >>

The Dark Knight Returns in These Seriously Cool DC Collectibles From New York Toy Fair

DC Collectibles brought out lots and lots of Batman for this year’s New York Toy Fair. But don’t worry, some other characters got a chance to shine too and there’s a Harley Quinn “statue” you have to see to believe. Read More >>

Will Smith Will Apparently Not Return for The Suicide Squad

The squad is already down one of its major members ahead of its upcoming sequel. Read More >>

Aquaman 2 Just Caught Itself a Screenwriter

Before James Wan commits to directing a sequel to his billion dollar hit Aquaman, he’s going to have to see a script. And that script now has a writer. Read More >>

An Aquaman Spinoff Is Happening Without Any of Aquaman’s Stars

James Wan’s Aquaman was such a hit, not only will it get a sequel, even its tertiary characters are getting their own movies. Just not the ones anyone expected. Read More >>

Three DC Movies Are Coming Summer 2021, Including The Batman Without Ben Affleck

The next Batman movie has its release date: June 25, 2021. And the franchise is saying goodbye to Ben Affleck. Read More >>

Brian Bendis and David Walker Talk About How Their Friendship Created DC Comics’ Newest Superhero

For two decades, even after becoming friends, Brian Michael Bendis and David Walker worked in parallel spaces. This week, with the release of their new comic Naomi, the world gets to see what happens when two comics writers with very different backgrounds come together to create a new superhero story. Read More >>

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie Was Being Rewritten as it Was Being Filmed

Ah, it’s fine. The Joker doesn’t have a stable backstory anyway. Script? He doesn’t need a script! Read More >>

How Shazam Will Use Childlike Wonder to Set It Apart From the Superhero Pack

If you want to know how Shazam is going to be different from the DC Entertainment films that preceded it, you need only reference two scenes: One in which the hero fights the bad guy in a toy store filled with DC superhero merch, and another where a big fight takes place at a festive winter carnival, complete with a giant Ferris wheel and dozens of games. Not your typical DC movie. Not your typical superhero movie, full stop. But that’s Shazam. Read More >>

Chris Pine Isn’t Sure Steve Trevor Will Be Back After Wonder Woman 1984

Chris Pine, one of the illustrious cabal of Chrises that dominates pop culture like a name-based Illuminati, isn’t entirely sure if he’s going to be doing more than just one more Wonder Woman movie. Read More >>

James Wan Will Only Venture Into Aquaman’s Sequel Depths if the Script Is a Pearl

By the end of the weekend, James Wan’s Aquaman will have become the most financially successful superhero movie Warner Brothers and DC have ever produced together—a title previously held by The Dark Knight. That’d be a huge accomplishment for any filmmaker, but for Wan in particular given the studio’s recent pivot to focusing on director-driven projects. Read More >>