Here’s Your First Look at Wonder Woman in Her 1984 Outfit

Principle shooting has recently begun on Wonder Woman 1984, which means visuals are starting to trickle out. Here’s an exciting one for us, courtesy of Gal Gadot herself: Diana in her full costume, in all the glory and glitz of the 1980s. Read More >>

The First Aquaman Photos Are a Vision of a Sunken Majestic Atlantis and a Mysterious Black Manta

Aquaman is Warner Bros.’ latest entry into the ever-expanding DCEU, but it’s also something much more fascinating on a technical level. It’s an action movie that takes place mainly underwater, something that could either be brilliant or absolutely terrible. While the first images from the film don’t give us an idea of which way the tide will turn, they are pretty to look at. Read More >>

A New Rumour Suggests Ben Affleck Is Out as Batman (Again)

Yup, this again. The Batman. Ben Affleck. Matt Reeves. Will they? Won’t they? Does anyone really know? Read More >>

Shazam! Technically Exists in the Same Universe as David F. Sandberg’s First Feature Film

Well, this is interesting: according to David F. Sandberg, director of the upcoming Shazam!, the DCEU film will technically share a universe with his previous film. Read More >>

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This Fan is Pretty Sure He Knows What’s Wrong With the Action Scenes in DC Movies

Superhero movies are nothing without their big, wild setpieces. And one critic thinks he knows what’s wrong with the DC Extended Universe’s big fights. Read More >>

Holy Shit, Batwoman is Swooping Into the Next DC Crossover

For years, Arrow has danced around references to the Dark Knight, a comic character seemingly forever out of reach to the CW/DC multiverse of shows. But no more — because the next crossover is heading to Gotham City, and meeting up with a familiar face: Batwoman herself. Read More >>

Sean Murphy’s Batman Continuity Has Its Own Set of Rules

Sean Gordon Murphy, author of Batman: White Knight, has crafted within it his own pocket Batman world, with some substantial differences from the mainline world of the DC Universe, the most obvious one being that the Joker has gone dangerously, uh, sane. Read More >>

Game of Thrones Star Pedro Pascal Just Landed a Mystery Role in Wonder Woman 2

He had his head crushed by the Mountain and now he’s signed up for some Wonder. Read More >>

Here’s Your First Full Look at George Miller’s Scrapped Justice League Team… Just About

We’ve heard a lot over the years about Justice League Mortal, George Miller’s scrapped attempt to bring DC’s finest heroes to the big screen, but we’ve barely seen anything from it. A piece of concept art here, a costume there. But now we actually have our look at the League that could’ve been, suited up. Sort of. You’re gonna need to squint. Read More >>

Justice League Is Officially the Lowest-Grossing DC Universe Movie

Last week, Justice League quietly ended its domestic box office run with a total gross of a little over $229 million, making it the lowest-grossing film in the new DC Universe. Read More >>

Holy Shit, Ava DuVernay is Directing DC’s New Gods Movie

Ava DuVernay is heading to superhero movies—and DC Comics’ Fourth World. Read More >>

Kristen Wiig May End Up Being the Villain of Wonder Woman 2

Wonder Woman 2 may have found its villain in Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig. Read More >>

Wonder Woman and Black Panther’s Success Has Cinema Owners Asking for More Diverse Blockbusters

Genre films still have a long way to go when it comes to representing people beyond the straight, white, male audience Hollywood has long catered to. But two super-heroic events recently have more than just fans excited for more diverse offerings—cinema owners are psyched, too. Read More >>

Mark Millar Has an Interesting Theory About Why Marvel Movies Work and DC Movies Don’t

Marvel vs. DC is a debate that keeps on giving. It’s been filtered through every medium imaginable and, in recent years, played out in grand fashion at the movies. However, while Marvel Studios has had a very impressive string of critical and commercial successes, DC Films has struggled to do the same. Read More >>