Netflix Finally Tells Us When We Can Legally Watch DC’s Titans in the UK

A lot of you may be aware that DC's Titans TV series is exclusive to the comic publishers own streaming service, DC Universe, which means it wasn't available to anyone outside the USA when it debuted back in October. Shortly before that date Netflix announced it had picked up the international streaming rights, but failed to tell us when we'd actually be able to sit down and watch the titular series. Two months later we've finally found out. Read More >>

Delightfully, Julie Andrews Will Play a Pivotal Role in the Aquaman Movie

Julie Andrews is one of the all-time actresses of her generation, with a stunning voice and more charisma than most people can even think about. She’s mostly retired now, with only a handful of appearances in films in the recent decade, and her next is a voice role in… Aquaman? Read More >>

Aquaman Can’t Actually Be This Fun, Can It?

Seven new posters for Aquaman were just released, each one so bright, bold, and goofy, it has us it possible? Read More >>

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This Fan Trailer Turns DC’s Silly Crossover Into a Delightful Movie

Doctor Manhattan vs. Superman. Why? I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t care. There’s some knowledge I just don’t need in my life. But I do know that this fan adaptation of Doomsday Clock is great. Read More >>

The Cast of Titans Got Their Inspiration Straight From the Team’s Classic Comics Run

When nailing down a classic character, getting the right influences can be key. For the cast of Titans on DC Universe, they went to exactly the right place. Read More >>

One of Titans’ Coolest Gadgets Is Actually a Real Tablet

Because Batman and Robin don’t have any actual superpowers aside from access to the Wayne estate’s inordinate amount of wealth, they’ve always relied on cutting-edge technology to go toe to toe with all manner of supervillains. While still this is very much the case in DC Universe’s Titans, one of the Boy Wonder’s most powerful pieces of kit is actually something you can probably get your hands on if you know where to look. Read More >>

Jason Momoa Is Already Pitching His Ideas for Aquaman 2

The Aquaman movie doesn’t come out until December, but Jason Momoa is already planning for the next one. According to TotalFilm magazine, as quoted by Syfy Wire, Momoa, who plays Aquaman, has some very specific ideas for the sequel, and he’s started pitching them around. Read More >>

James Gunn Is Moving to DC and Is in Talks to Write the Next Suicide Squad Film

Warner Bros. has confirmed that James Gunn is in discussions to write, with an eye to direct, the next instalment of the Suicide Squad franchise. He’ll have a completely new take on the property. Read More >>

The Vast New Aquaman Trailer Teases an All Out Undersea War

You know what they say: it’s better down where it’s wetter. But don’t take it from me—take it from the Protector of the Deep in this wet and wild new look at Aquaman. Read More >>

The Question May Be Answered as Rosie Perez Joins Birds of Prey

Another badass has been added to the cast of DC’s upcoming superhero film, Birds of Prey. Rosie Perez has joined the cast as Renee Montoya, a gay Gotham City police detective who occasionally becomes a hero named the Question in the comics. Read More >>

Netflix Just Picked up the International Rights to DC’s Titans TV Series

DC Universe, the streaming service dedicated to all things relevant to DC Comics, has just launched over in the US. The issue is that it's currently only available for Americans, meaning people like us can't sign up to enjoy all the original content that's being produced. Well there's some good news for you all, because it's been reported that Netflix has picked up the international streaming rights to Titans, the first of those original series. Read More >>

Report: Henry Cavill’s Superman Is Going Into Retirement

The DC cinematic universe might have just gone through the death and rebirth of Superman, but an explosive new report suggests that it could be losing its Man of Steel for good. Read More >>

Shazam’s Director Talks the Tricky Nature of Superhero Costume Design

Attentive fans might have noticed that Shazam’s suit in, y’know, Shazam shifted a little between the early images, the trailer, and newly released marketing materials. That’s apparently just how it goes. Read More >>

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Who Is the Most Powerful Supervillain? 

The supervillains who torment, thwart and otherwise mess with our universe’s well-meaning superheroes are, on the whole, a pretty foul bunch. But which of these supervillains is best at what they do? Put otherwise: if what supervillains do is try to inflict as much misery as possible on the largest number of people, which supervillain is most capable of pulling that off? Think of Darkseid, from DC Comics: instead of trying to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, he goes around trying to subject every single person in the universe to his screwed up will. Read More >>

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The Incredible Aquaman Trailer Is Just as Incredible in 8-Bit Animation

The Aquaman trailer was one of the unambiguous highlights for us at San Diego Comic-Con 2018: operatic, visually arresting, and enough to get even the most sceptical of us pretty pumped for an Aquaman movie. Read More >>