Matthew Vaughn, Robert Zemeckis, and Sam Raimi Have All Entered The Flash Movie’s Potential-Director Roulette

Turn on your TV and you’ll see that The Flash is a great live-action character. When it comes to his big screen solo debut, however, things have had trouble getting up to speed. Now three top-tier directors are reportedly in talks for a job that no one seems too keen to keep. Read More >>

Joss Whedon Is Set to Direct a Standalone Batgirl Movie

Batgirl is coming to DC’s cinematic universe, and she’s got one hell of a name directing her: Joss Whedon himself. Read More >>

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Justice League Trailer Unites the Team, and World

The full Justice League trailer is here, and things are about to get epic. Read More >>

Here’s the Latest on All 17 (and Counting) Possible Upcoming DC Movies

There are a lot of potential DC movies coming in the next few years. Read More >>

The Lego Batman Movie Director Will Bring Nightwing to the Big Screen

Importantly, this should also mean that Chris McKay is bringing one of the most lauded arses in comic books to the big screen as well. Read More >>

Even DC Actor Laurence Fishburne Knows Marvel Is Kicking DC’s Arse

Laurence Fishburne got a phone call to come out and make an appearance in Justice League as Daily Planet editor Perry White, but he was too busy washing his hair. He’s said it was a scheduling issue, but there could be another, more juicy reason. According to Fishburne, DC’s kind of blowing it. Read More >>

Dwayne Johnson’s Shazam Villain Is Getting His Own DC Solo Film

DC’s proposed Shazam movie doesn’t have a director, star, or even a finished script. What it does have is a villain, Black Adam, played by Dwayne Johnson, and that means he’s getting his own movie. Read More >>

Suicide Squad Did Not Manage to Defeat the Reviews

Even though Suicide Squad set a few box office records in its opening days, it dropped significantly over the weekend. In fact, it dropped almost as far as Batman v. Superman, the movie it was supposed to make up for. Read More >>

Wonder Woman Director Responds to Accusations that the Film is a ‘Mess’

The Wonder Woman film is still nearly a year away from being released, but there’s already a lot riding on it. The amount of pressure on the solo movies in the DC movieverse to set up the franchise is so high that we would’t be shocked if Diana herself couldn’t hold it up. Read More >>

Suicide Squad Might Not Make It to China, and That’s Probably Not Great

The importance of China’s role in the international box office has grown larger and larger—it helps record-breaking movies become even more overwhelmingly successful, and it even has the potential to save domestic flops from certain doom. But regardless of how well Suicide Squad performs now that it’s been released today, China will likely not be able to help. Read More >>