Cool it With the Dead People Holograms Already

Dead 1970s comedians Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx are going on tour this year. This is NOT a classic Weekend at Bernie’s scenario. Kaufman and Foxx are touring in hologram format. Read More >>

Here’s How You Preserve a Dead Dictator Forever

Hugo Chavez died a few days ago, but he's not exactly going six feet under any time soon. The late Venezuelan leader's body is going to be on display for a week so people can pay homage. But bodies starting rotting immediately, and regular old funeral home embalming only lasts a matter of hours. How do you ensure that old dead Chavez continues to resemble formerly alive Chavez for viewing purposes? Read More >>

Please Stop Hauling Out Steve Jobs’s Ghost

It is easy to speak for the dead—after all, they can't correct you. You can safely put words in the mouths of the deceased and trot their lifeless bodies out in public to wag a finger or nod in approval, with no fear that they'll complain. This is especially true of Steve Jobs. Read More >>